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August 04, 2007



Let me see...your feet hurt, yet you went to Ikea to test a new pair of shoes.... hmmm... There seems to be something wrong with this picture!
On the other hand your soup looks absolutely right! Pretty, healthy, tasty....


I think testing new shoes at IKEA sounds perfectly normal! And the hot dog and cinnamon bun lunch -- I've done that, too! This soup looks absolutely wonderful, and I've got some peppers that are begging for the grill today.


thanks for stopping by!
and I love the pictures of that soup.


That soup looks divine. That's my kind of soup. And -- you got a hot dog! Too bad it was only so-so...


The soup sounds just fantastic. We just barely got Ikea in Salt Lake and I have to admit, it makes me completely crazy. I confess, I've only gone once and it was on a Saturday afternoon (big mistake!) And I went there with no specific purchase in mind (another mistake!) If I was looking for a rug or furniture I might go there again, but it's not really my thing. Being in Ikea when your feet hurt is my idea of hell.


This soup has such a vibrant colour! I would love to try it out.


I can't believe how intense the color is even with the addition of cannelini and arugula! Soup-(h)erb! The mere thought of Ikea sends my hyperventilating- way too much stimulation, I think I need a cinnabun too...


ugh, I feel you on the owie heels. I find that rowing helps (like on a machine, not on a lake). I don't know why. But if that's not an option, a nice soup-soak sounds pretty good too! especially if the soup is this goregous! another one to save for a rainy day. Thanks Sher!


The soup looks amazing. I like the use of the beans which should maker it pretty hearty.


Hurting feet can ruin entire days, even weeks. Soak those achey puppies in Epsom salts and warm water, while eating a bowl of your scrumptious looking soup. I know you'll feel better! :)


What happened to your feet Sher. I wasn't around much so don't know. Hope you are feeling better if not feet wise at least spirit wise after your IKEA walk :)

The soup is divine


Shopping at IKEA is like going for a long, long hike. You should be wearing hiking boots, not heels. I also find that every time I go I tend to spend way more money than I planned because everything is such a good price I end up putting it in my basket and then suddenly I'm at the checkout paying $75 for a basket of miscellaneous non-essential $1 and $2 items.


Feet problems must be going around -- I've just recently developed the same problem and I'm not happy about it. So, I share your pain. Let me know if you find some good shoes, though, I'm looking! (We don't have IKEA here so I guess I can't try them out that way...) Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

I love, love, love the look of your soup. I think I need to make it this week. Yum!


Clearly this gorgeous soup is much better tasting than those evil, but great smelling, cinnabuns. Last time I was at Ikea, I resisted, mostly because I was mad at them for filling the check out line with that tantalizing smell. I can be stubborn when it suits me.
I like that the soup has the beans as well as the peppers and can just taste the flavor contrast of the zing of arugula. Yum!


The soup looks yummy! Maybe I can use it to fuel my own up-coming trek to Ikea.

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