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August 14, 2007



Limas, baby limas . . . . I can't remember when I last had them. I know it's been way too long! This looks really wonderful. I'd never have thought of artichokes and limas. Madison is genius and so are you.


OMG! Does that sound good! I love beans - any and all of them. I'd happily eat them as my main course every day... well, maybe, a few times a week LOL!
I'm making this - but I have to use the flageolet as I can't get lima beans....
They look like small green cannellini... and kind of taste like lima beans...


YOu know Sher, I've come a long way in expanding my taste horizons, but limas have not yet been conquered.

I'd like to think this sounds goods... except for the beans!


Mmm... that sounds *so good*! Thank you - I will be trying this one out soon.


I've definitely got to bookmark this, so unusual. I just bought frozen lima beans for a Persian rice dish with potatoes and dill that I had years ago which made me a lima bean lover, maybe i'll make this instead. Btw, you can order flageolets from Rancho Gordo beans.


Another great recipe to try from you, Sher! :) I love beans, all types all kinds, so I will try to source these and make it.


Well, Sher, lima beans are one of my old childhood "hate it!" foods. I don't think I've eaten one since I was a kid. But as I conquered my hatred for the Brussels sprout, so I am determined to at least give lima beans another shot. Tonight, I will make this!


Lima beans are something I can take or leave, but your version looks delicious. I especially like the close-up of the gratin with the rosemary on top. I bet I would like them!


This looks just as good as you described it to me Sher. I love the pairing of limas with artichoke hearts!


An excellent way to sneak in lima beans into something. My husband would notice right away though :( He is not a fan and I am.


I love beans, and this gratin looks extra delicious!

Sue (coffeepot)

Oh wow I can't wait to use my limas on this one.

We both did limas this week.

Looks so good sher.


This looks extra yummy!! Haven´t thought of this combination, so I´ll try. :))


I love beans too. I'd rather eat them any day than meet. I'm going to have to try this. I don't lima's in my pantry but I do have some white navies. Wonder how they'd work out...

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