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August 24, 2007



I want baby squirrels!!! So you think Upsie would eat them if she had the chance? Also- I was wondering if you ever brush Upsie backwards, so her fur's all in the wrong direction. I was wondering that as I was styling Kamikaze today. He doesn't like it, but tolerates me drushing him all weird. I imagine that maybe it feels good when his dur is brushed back into it's normal format.


oh my goodness! these little guys are adorable :)


Oh - and those little tiny squirrels are cute, but a little bit scary.
I rarely see squirrels here. I wonder why? I'm going to find out!


Oh, you're so sweet! I love having a squirrel named after me. Makes me feel very mama-ish. And you said she's "smaller". Weelllll, you know how much I like hearing that. :-)


hahahha awww upsie, wall to wall squirrels bust drive you batty! that picture of taboo waving is hilarious. VERY cute.


Nice closeup!

The squirrels are cute, too ;-)


dear upsie,

i am really struck today by your noble bearing, even in the face of baby squirrel chaos [heretofore known as BSC].

then this thought popped into my mind, such as it is: yes, she's the empress of squirrel haven.

and she sure has a lucky mom with you to reign over all you command.

we bow down to you, oh great kitty and have mercy on your mom. ;-)


I think I've OD'ed on cute squirrel... I need to go buy some almonds...


What a beautiful kitty cat! And the little sqirrels are so cute! You got really grat photos of them. :-)


Yikes...so sorry about the typos...I don't know how I managed to mangle up a mere two sentences so badly! Squirrels and great! lol


Oooooooohhhhhhh, I am totally losing my marbles in front of those pictures! Those babies all look very sweet and the fox squirrels are damn cute!!! How lucky you are to have such an exciting activity...

Upsie is also a real sweetheart!


Oooooooohhhhhhh, I am totally losing my marbles in front of those pictures! Those babies all look very sweet and the fox squirrels are damn cute!!! How lucky you are to have such an exciting activity...

Upsie is also a real sweetheart!

Karen Jo

The baby squirrels are all very cute. You are amazing to put up with all this, Upsie.


Upsie, it's sweet of you to share yr Mum with the squirrels who need her.


I am glad that there is something to help keep your minds off Sundance. Those squirrels are pretty cute! I did love the photo of Taboo waving....so sweet!!

Be helpful to your Mom now Upsie; she looks like she might need it with all those new mouths to feed.


These squirrels are the cutest ever! The Fox squirrels look more like fetuses...so tiny. Wishing them all a long and happy life.

The Cooking Ninja

Your kitty and the squirrels are so cute.

Pia K

Too adorable for words!


Aww! What a bunch of cute little fellas! The pic of Upsie is priceless. That expression says, "Is this frickin' Weekend Squirrel Blogging? No! Isn't this supposed to be about me?? I'm being starved, and now this humiliation."

: )


They're so cute.


Your mum is a wonderful person to help out these squirrels and allow them life. I'm sure Sundance will be looking down from over the Bridge, and will be very happy that you guys are helping these squirrels. They are adorable! :)


Awwwww lookit that face! My Stasia would play with the baby squirrels until they stopped playing. Poor little squirrels are very cute.


Sure, kitties are cute. But it's hard to compete with the cuteness of baby squirrels. (OK, the baby squirrels with hair. The baby squirrels without hair have not yet achieved true cuteness.)


Poor Upsie. Cute squirrels.

I'm back on line and I've got an epic round-up adventure up (so so late!) for last week's WCB. Next time I won't be so silly as to think I can fix a computer in one day!


i just got 2 baby squirrels on friday,aug.1,2007. they look like they arre about 4 weeks old and their eyes are still closed. i get worried about thier temperature. can someone help me by telling me the correct way to check their temperature?


we just came home and found two baby squirrels on our drive way. They are very young. I'm worried they are hungry. Do you have suggestions on what to feed them?


Are you sure he's just not checking out the size? After all I do see the bnenngiig of a bear.... I can hear the chatter now... "Hey I've got nuts! How about you?"...... And of course the bears answer would be:... "Does a bear S_ _ _ in the woods?"... Oh those weekly readers!.. Gotta Love em! Love and Light, Nina P


Oh too funny! We were shopping in Target (around Christmas) when the twins were auornd 4. The boys both spotted those fancy nut cracker guys and they yelled "Mama,mama nuts cracker!"

Jill Forsberg

Hi I have a question, I found a two day old pinkie grey squirrel, I've been in contact with a wild life rehaber who is giving me permission to nurture him till he can be released, but in the mean time..he was doing really good till about a week ago he's been constipated, I've been doing everything I've been told to do,warm baths, watered down apple juice...3-1 ratio for his formula which is esbilac with alittle cream in it. I've backed off the formula a feeding and giving the diluted apple juice one feeding, he had diarrhea, then gave him pediolite for 24 hrs, then he had one firmer movement but now hasn't gone again. I know if he doesn't go he can die from toxic buildup in his system...so my question to anyone is....what eles can I do to help him go potty?? He's urinating well, acting fine..active when awake...just don't know what eles I can do...any help would be sooooo appreciated ! I love this little guy! Spent a lot of hours for the past 4 weeks to keep him healthy...now I'm frustrated and worried sick! HELP, !!

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