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August 03, 2007



Oh, Sundance! I hope you feel better, you beautiful boy. Upsie- you look mahvelous!


Wow--the squirrels are all grown up. Did you go with when they released them in the park?

Sundance--if you're a good boy you might get to go outside more often.


Get well soon, Sundance. Ms. G is waiting for u. Sorry to hear the diet did not work out for Upsie. Hope the squirrels are adjusting well. Thanks for joining us at WCB this weekend.


I hope Sundance feels better soon.

I've always let my cats roam free outside, but I know that many people violently disagree with that strategy. I don't let my little boy cat stay outside all night or anything, but I do let him go wherever he wants to during the day/evening. I think I'm a throwback to the past; my family always had cats and they were always indoor/outdoor cats (makes them sound like carpeting, doesn't it?!). My two older ones go out, but they don't leave the backyard. They did when they were younger, though.


Poor Sundance...hope he feels better and doesn't have to visit the dreaded vet. One of my horses was sick a few weeks back, and its so stressful for us and our pets when they are not up to par.

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Poor Sundance (we end up saying that a lot, don't we)...get better soon. Looks like fun out in the grass, though, even with the harness.

Joy T.

Aww I hope you're feeling better soon Sundance. Maybe the grass will help? Nothing like a good upchuck to make one feel better sometimes. I'll be thinking of the squirrels and hoping they live a long and happy life :o)


Be well, Sundance, and Upsie too! I'm sure you'll all be happy to not have to be making so many trips to the vet at some point.


I sure hope Sundance is feeling better. We'll send out kitty hugs and love, OK?

Come and see what Harmon has been up to....he's been, uh....experimenting with drugs



Poor little Sundance! I hope that you are now feeling a lot better. Upsie, what a pity! Let's hope you'll lose a bit of weight...

I wish the squirrels good luck!




Oh Sundance, sweetie! We hope you are feeling better tomorrow!!
Upsie, maybe you'll just have to be a little more patient maybe next time it'll work better loosing weight is a difficult fing says momma!

hugs'n'kisses to ya all
Kashim & Othello


Sundance, feel better soon!

taboo & whaleshaman

dear sher, upsie and sundance...

wow, all of you are feeling under the weather, and we are really sad to hear that.

ah, sher, plantar fasciitis is the WORST!

and pussycats not feeling well is the worstest.

too bad we live on the other coast and can't be close to help. the moms could stretch their calf muscles, while upsie could show taboo how to eat better.

sunshiney sundance, sweet boy, you could show us how to be purrfectly charming. and you must feel better soon, 'kay?

ah life, so many ups and downs. we'll he thinking of you all.


hi sundance, no grass eating allowed these days - too many fertilizer's out there to make you sick! awww feel better cutiepie :)


Hope you are feeling better, Sundance. Upsie, it's the treadmill for you!

The Cat Realm

Sundance - you really LOOK good, so we are sorry to hear that you don't feel so good!
We think of you and send you lots of purrs over!!!!

Samantha & Tigger and Mom

Hi, Sundance. You look so cute out in the grass next to Upsie. So sorry you aren't feeling well. We will purrrrrrrrrrrr and purrrayer for you.
Your FL furiends,

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