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August 18, 2007


mosaic cats

Don't let our dawg see that squirrel!
What darling photos.
Do you foster them? We've heard you mention squirrels in the past but don't really know your connection to them?
Love from us in NC


Oh yeah! More squirrel fun!

I love watching the antics of theses babies as they grow with you. And it's nice to know they are helping to ease some of the sorrow.

Joy T.

I have been away and am shocked to come visit you and read your beloved Sundance passed away. My heart is aching for you Sher! I was really hoping to read one day Sundance had found his common sense when it came to going outside :o) Oh man your little kitty will be missed over on this side of the world. Take care and give Upsie and those adorable new baby squirrels extra scratches from me.


dear sher, can you hear us laughing and crying and clapping our hands??

that was the perfect heart-filled gesture. and little did you know...for all of taboo kitty's orange and cream and brown and black, if you flipped over her tail, the underside was as grey as little taboo, your new baby.

in fact i would call it her squirrelly-dirrelly tail, and make sure every new vet understood it was an additional way to identify her, and wasn't it cute?! of course, they had no choice but to concur.

little taboo is just wonderful. and i'm sure her namesake will keep an extra protective eye out for her. in fact all the cats who see her will wonder why they don't want to chase her but will see to it she has a safe passage, even if there's a dawg from NC intent on mischief!

thanks, thanks and still yet more thanks.


Yippie, skippy!
I'm delighted for all of us, you, the new squirrel and all us reader!
Wonderful photos! I can't see how you get these shots.

Pia K

Adorable little fellas!

Samantha, Tigger  and Mom

:tears: :clapping: :joy: What a wonderful tribute to Taboo and such a precious namesake for her! Your squirrel is so cute, especially her tummy picture. We are still purrrrring for you and sending (((hugs)))!
Your FL furiends,


Very sad indeed! Another sweet cat who passed away...

The squirrels are hilarious! So cute! At least, I'm happy to hear that they have helped you go through those difficult times...




I am so glad you have those little squirrels to help you through a rough time. And it is spectacular what whaleshaman said about the gray of Taboo's tail being like your little squirrel named Taboo, after the namesake, of course. I like to think of Sundance and Taboo together...


Why can't our beloved cats stay with us forever? Rest in peace, sweet Taboo. And may the mini Taboo continue to make you smile through the tears.


That is a lovely tribute to Taboo esp the part abt naming the squirrel after her. I'm sure Taboo will be so happy in kitty heaven.


Sher, what a lovely gesture! and what a wonderful thought to name the little squirrel Taboo, I am sure she'll be happy about that.
We miss her this weekend. It's not the smae without sweet Sundance and Taboo.

I hope you're doing a bit better and the little ones cheer you up a bit.
Please hug Upsie from us and you know we keep on crossing paws for you and Upsie.

Astrid, Kashim & Othello


A very nice tribute to Taboo, and a lovely name for the baby squirrel :)
We hope the little ones are helping ease your pain..


What a sweet post. : )


What a cute litle squirrel girl! It would be hard not to be cheered by antics like that. And as usual, you're wonderful, Sher, for fostering these little things. I'm glad there are people like you in the world.

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