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August 23, 2007



Thanks Sher - for the kind words and all the great pasta dishes you've contributed over the past 6 months. Presto Pasta Nights wouldn't have been the same without you.

The pasta does look festive - so I raise a glass of wine to you. Thanks for playing!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, can I have a bowl, please? ;)


Wow, Sher, you are so right...this gorgeous salad does look like a big bowl of confetti! I love it! And I'd dearly love a bowl of it for lunch! :-) Lots of luck with your little squirrels. The photos you post of them are just so cute.


I have never had Israeli couscous before, but now I am going to be looking for it!


I made something similar with this couscous and I didn't like the texture. Maybe I overcooked or undercooked? It was my first time using Israeli couscous.


Sher, it looks so good. I like the ingredients,too especially these three: lime zest, honey, and vinegar!


The salad looks absolutely gorgeous.What a beautiful pic!


SO pretty anfd looks delicious! i've been eating couscous lately, the regular kind. I have to try the israeli next, yums :)


Israeli couscous - looks wonderful, but I am totally unfamiliar with it. Something new to look for. I like the larger size (unless you have teeny tiny corn kernels.
The salad sounds wonderful - refreshing, even...what time's dinner? I can help with the squirrels...


those are the cutest little kernels of corn! I can't believe they're the same size as those plump couscouses!
And btw, I was away, but I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for your loss... He was a good boy.


Me too- the cuteness factor is swaying me over to try this too. I have never been too impressed with regular couscous and figured this is just bigger. But they are so jolly looking- perfect for getting you in the mood for squirrel wrangling.


That couscous looks so much bigger that the couscous that I have seen. I will have to look for some. The salad sounds tasty.


Lovely salad -- the dressing sounds particularly delicious.


What a gorgeous dish! I love the colours and it sounds wonderful


The mint blossom is beautiful. And to me, that looks like dinner right there, no meat needed. I'd just need a fork and everyone else would be chasing me around the house trying to get some.


Well I love corn and I love couscous...so I must be loving this salad.

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