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August 13, 2007



What a wonderful round-up!
many hugs and love to you,

Megan and bad Kitty Cats

Hi Sher... we are still thinking of you and sending lots of purrs.

Great round up this week - so many awesome Kitty Cats!

Sending loves and purrs and hugs too.




Wow, I've never cried like this over a blog. There was something so unique about Sundance's face and expression that he was one whose pic I'd come to look for every week. He seemed shy but affectionate just like my tiger-and-white cat, Mekoh. I'm so sorry for your loss.


Nice round-up. Puddy's sorry she couldn't join in this weekend. We are still thinking of you during this hard time. *hug*

The Big Piney Woods Cats

We are all so sorry for your loss. Looking at that beautiful face, we feel such a lovely cat has lost a horrible battle. Now Sundance is at peace and had a wonderful life with you!

CalicoMom Toni


My wife and I always enjoyed your pictures of and stories about Sundance. We're going to miss him too.

whaleshaman & taboo

thank you, sher, for sharing this journey.

and yes, i too find that acceptance part so confounding. the heart's sorrow is so well known when we are parted from loved ones, but sometimes what i call the mental shock makes me, at least, just want to smack my head, my brain crying out: i just can't believe it!

keep up the good work, dear friend, to orphaned and needy animals.

this morning i'm reminded of a favorite quote when i think of your "work," really a gift you share:

"I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contained, I stand and look at them long and long."
Walt Whitman, Song of Myself, 1855

[though teen squirrels could hardly be considered placid!]

and i know that what you do so lovingly for your needy critters, you do for all of us.

hush, upsie dear...your diet and meds are good for you!

oops, gotta run, the tropics are churning and my battery supply is running low. later!

ps: everyone's response is totally amazing!

Victor Tabbycat

Fank you furry much! Hugs an purrs

Karen Jo

That's a really awesome roundup. I am glad that you felt up to it.


I'm so sorry Sher to hear about you and your husband losing Upsie. What a sweet face- no doubt he's chasing his sister around. Big hug to you!



Just wish I could hug you.

Samantha & Tigger and Mom

Thank you for the great WCB! It was wonderful to see all the great cats. We are purring and purraying for you. Thank you for sharing Sundance with us. We will miss him,too. Have a blessed week.
Your FL furiends,

Tiger Lily

I'm so sorry to hear about Sundance. It sounds as if he had a wonderful home with lots of love, even if not for as long as you'd have liked.


Thanks again for a wonderful round-up of all these great cats. Very nice to see Sundance at the top leading the round-up. He is in many hearts forever.


"Give him peace".


Wahhhhh. Wahhhh. I am sorry to hear about cute Sundance. He was so cute. He had a lovely color. He played a good game of hiding the leash. I am sad he is gone. Wahhhhh.


Oh, how terribly sad, Sher. I somehow missed this post about poor Sundance, and I peek in often so I don't know how. I am so sorry...I remember commenting about the cute little rascal just a few weeks agao, if I'm thinking right. He is definitely a kitty cat angel now, running and playing with the pesky squirrels to his little hearts content. I know you will miss him very, very much, and I just hated to read this.

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