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August 21, 2007



Oh Sher, this dish looks so yummy! I have tagged it to make soon. Thanks for sharing.


Ahhh, Tamale Pie, it's been way to long since I last had Tamale Pie. Fresh roasted peppers are way so much better than canned . . . unless you turn them into totally crispy critters light as air as I did.


It looks just wonderful. I love your descriptions, calling the pie as "a sprawler!" Too funny. It sounds to me like all these other flavors would be just perfect with cilantro. Wish I had some!


I don't mind the "slumpiness" at all - it looks delish! My stomach grumbled at the sight of it. Would you mind Fed-Exing some to upstate NY?


if i've done the math right, there should be leftovers.

i'll be over. :-)

Butta Buns

Sprawley and cursed or not, it looks delicious.


Okay..I have to go make bkfst now. Your food photo's always make me hungry.


Sher I was just looking this morning at Jimtown in Napa for their recipe for a corntortilla casserole. This looks so much better. Did you miss the meat?


I love tamale pie! I am always surprised, because my tamale pie blog entry is one of my most visited - and my photo is horrible!! I have never tried a meatless version, but this sounds wonderful!


Sher, the tamale pie looks delicious - hearty and ready to eat. Also, I read about the little ones... sorry to hear about them. How are you doing now? We are still settling down in Ann Arbor.


Yum! I especially like that it's meatless.


I'm like the clerk - never heard of tamale pie... which is too bad, 'cause it really looks good!
Now I can make my own! Great Recipe!
So that's what poblano peppers look like! Here I was using them all the time I lived in Andorra and didn't know. There they were 'pepper'... the Spanish are masters of nondescriptive nouns...


Mmm... delicious. I've never heard of tamale pie, but I may have to try this!


Hey there :) I just wanted to say hello, I'm a fellow foodie and cat lover, and I really love your blog. This recipe looks especially delicious, thanks for sharing!

Patricia Scarpin

This pie looks great, Sher! And being meatless, I'd eat half of it. ;)


I love tamale pie, but I've never tried to make it. Now that I have your great recipe to follow, I definitely will!

Dee Light

I've made tamale pie in the past, but never this one!!! I'll have to give it a try!!!


I was wondering how one did a tamale pie. This looks good. I don't think that I have ever seen fresh or canned pablano peppers here. I will have to look more closely for them.


Looks fantastic! I've marked it to try and sent it along to my recipe exchange group at work (we all belong to the same CSA and always need good recipes to use up the bounty).


Sher, this sounds so good...and looks really pretty with the red tomatoes on top adding the finishing touch. And how interesting about cilantro tasting like soap to some people...I'm happy to say, its not the case for me! :-)


Oh yummy! I love Tex-Mex food and that dish makes me hungry just to look at it! Gorgeous and very pretty...
A pity that I've never been able to find poblano and jalapeño chillies here.


That looks delicious. It's not quite baking season here (I do my best not to turn on the oven in the summer) but soon, very soon! This looks like the perfect meal for a cool fall day.



Thank you! I love your everyday noodle soup! It looks fabulous.


I agree. Fresh roasted poblanos are so good. I much prefer them to bell peppers.


Even though it is a sprawler, it sure tastes good. And the leftovers are even better. :)


Darn! It's all gone! I'll send you some the next time! :):)


Well, there were leftovers, but I gave some of it away! Now I wish I hadn't! :(

Butta Buns,

Thank you, sprawling doesn't seem to affect the taste. :)


Thank you--it is one of the perils of looking at food blogs--the ensuing hunger!


It was a little strange at first, without the meat. But, it tastes so light and yummy. I didn't miss it after a few bites. :):)


It is a comforting dish, isn't it? And a lot easier to make one of these casseroles than making real tamales!


I hope you are enjoying Ann Arbor. I have friends who love it there. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm trying to stay busy--it helps. :)


It is very good without the meat. And it ages nicely. :)


I love the canned piquilla peppers from Spain. Heaven!!! I could use them everyday.


Oh good! Hope you enjoy it!


Thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment! Hope to hear from you again. :)

Patricia Scarpin,

Because it has no meat, and is light, it fools you into eating extra servings--so you might eat half. Well, maybe 1/4! :)


Great! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Dee Light,

(Love your name.) This one is different. It's light and almost creamy.


You should find them in the Mexican section. Sometimes they are called "fire roasted green chilies". Good luck. :) They aren't hot--just a little tangy.


Ah, great! I love CSA's--and this recipe would be very good. You can add other vegetables of your choosing too.


Yes, I'm so glad cilantro tastes good to me. But, I understand that it can be quite nasty tasting to others.


You could just use bell peppers, roasted and skinned. Poblanos taste a little better, to me at least. But, bell peppers would be quite nice too. :):)


There is an award waiting for you Sher at my blog. Congratulations :)

Susan from Food Blogga

It's funny how many foods we call "pie," isn't it? In RI, we always called spinach calzones "pies," even though they were made the same way as all other calzones. Your tamale pie looks fabulous, and I really like the addition of pablanos; they are so flavorful.


Oh goodness, Sher, that looks really, really, really good. I'm sorry you had such trials getting to the final product, but it sure looks like it was worth it!


ahhhhh yum looks awesome! i just has the most delicious tamales last night and a chili relleno. the el cholo #3 combo, wachelay!


Tamale Pie would work around here. It sounds delicious vegetarian or sans meat. This time of the year I could always use the gas BBQ with indirect heat to bake it.


Yum! I'd love to eat soem of that for breakfast right now. Looks super good. So sorry about your food processor and having to clean up burners though. That's not fun.


I just made Tamale Pie for the first time about 3 weeks ago. We never had anything like this growing up in my house, but I had seen recipes around for years and years. I think next time I grill some nice fat sausages the veggie version would be a great side dish.

BTW how the heck did you break your processor grating cheese? I certainly hope that you didn't burn out your motor!

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