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August 15, 2007



That is some of the best color I've seen. Just a magnificently beautiful salad! Wonderful salad!


Really, that is just everything good about fresh summer produce! Bon appetit!


i remember the salad you made last year, it was some of your finest work! mmmm, so FRENCH this one. love the dressing and such beautiful pix :)


Yummy. I love watercress. And I'm jealous you have beans in your garden, although when I had them last year I found it was impossible for me to keep them picked! Fresh beans are so good. I think I need to buy some of those beans from Costco, they're the next best thing.


You have a award to pick to perk you up :)

Char Buckley

Sher, I need to talk to you and the emails come back!! Call me.
This looks YUMMY!!! I love veggies, and the colors are so vivid. I hate to see summer end!


Thank you, thank you, Sher, for taking part again! We're both on the salad train this year! Yours is beautiful.


That's beautiful.


Gorgeous salad! I love all of the different shapes of tomato....and the watercress!
Beans, I have even more beans than zucchini... but I love them blanched, tossed in herbs and butter - yup, perfect!


What a great tribute! I "feel" your pain about the green beans! Bein' from the South, I always thought you HAD to cook green beans for 2 hours. :D haha!

Perfectly gorgeous looking salad. Julia would be happy.

Bon Appetit


oh and i almost forgot, do you think dustin is getting back-doored tomorrow? i do, today on the feeds there was a circus troop in the house harassing all the very displeased house guests, hahahah!


Wow..I want me some green beans. A Julia Child party is such a great idea. I love it.


Beautiful salad, great presentation!


This book of Julia's is one I use constantly. I think we tend to forget how cook the Julia Child & Company series was -- much more "American" than The French Chef recipes, and modern for their time.

Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, those colors are striking; this pic belongs in a magazine, Sher.

Freddie Sirmans

Just browsing the internet, your blog is very, very interesting.


This looks awesome. I hadn't ever tried fresh green beans til recently and I'm hooked. I love them. This sounds light and a great replacement for a salad!


Well that is one beautiful salad! I love green beans!!


What a beautiful salad! The colors just jump off the computer screen. :-) And I love fresh green beans. They make a gorgeous addition to your salad.


That is a most beautiful salad! Julia would be proud :)

Lori Lynn at Taste With The Eyes

Hi Sher - It's taking me a while to read all the Julia Birthday Event postings. I am happy to discover your blog. And your salad photo is fabulous; something about those purples, reds, and greens really makes it striking.


Wow! Gorgeous!

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