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August 16, 2007



I've never used cellophane noodles, but this stir-fry looks so tasty...and anything with any combination of soy sauce, sherry and sesame oil is right up my alley!


Oh Sher, this is a perfect dish for a lazy day! Yum yum!


It does look terrific. I bet it would work as a cold salad as well. Glad to see you back at Presto Pasta Night and thanks for sharing another great dish.


I have that exact same package of cellophane noodles sitting sadly in my pantry. Poor little guys, I really need to bring them out to play.

Butta Buns

This looks like Korean japchae, how yummy. What a great meal for the summer!


I love cellophane noodles but haven't had them in years. That looks like a great summer pasta - I happen to have a few (million) green beans right now, too. Hmmmm!


I just love the body cellophane noodles give to stir fries. This one looks great. (And I'm still jealous of your garden -- I need to find out what will grow here in the desert and plant something.)


I haven't had cellophane noodles in ages -- there's almost always a package in my pantry, because they are so versatile. Thanks for reminding me to get them out and cook something!


Mmmmmmmm....see-through nooooodles.....aaarrghhhhhh!


hmmm...do you think it will go with sangria??


it looks wonderful.


What a yummy lunch! Thanks for the inspiration in pic form. ;-)


Are cellophane noodles same as glass noodles or mung bean threads?

The Cooking Ninja

I love cooking glass noodles this way. It is sure delicious.


Thanks for the recipe idea! I have a lonely bag of cellophane noodles in the pantry too.

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