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August 08, 2007



Oh Sher! I am so sorry.


Hi... just read your blog. We're happy that our cheese was able to help you feel a little better. :-)

Great picture, btw. Did you take that?

-Lisa, Cowgirl Creamery


Oh my heavens! And Sundance seemed so curious and full of life. I hope it turns out ok - will say a prayer for you and yours. Oh that makes me so sad!


I do agree that food can be very comforting when things are tough. And you are improvising some wonderfully delicious looking things. Sorry to hear about Sundance. Hope things will seem better soon.


I am keeping you all in my thoughts. Those babies are so precious and we're lucky to have them in our life as long as we can. I just lost two of my doggies within one week recently. It was so hard as I never thought I would lose them both at the same time. I had them in my life for 13 years and they were a joy! I hope Sundance is going to be okay.

taboo & whaleshaman

oh, sweeties, we're thinking of you all, feeling so sad.

who can ever forget his precious self rolling in ribbons, or carrying around his yellow tennis ball.


purr-ayors are being said.


t & ws

Butta Buns

I'm so sorry to hear that Sundance is sick! This is terrible! Sending hugs and good vibes your way.


Sorry to hear your very sad news, I come to your site at least every week to hear about sundance and upsie and sometimes the squirrels.


Sher, so sorry to hear about Sundance!
It's so awful when they're sick and we can't really explain it all to them....Hugs to you both!


Oh dear, I had a bad feeling when I read that he wasn't well on your WCB entry. The poor thing, I am so sorry. It's always hard to lose a beloved pet and Sundance was having such a great time living with you and Upsie.

I will keep you in my thoughts. Let us know how things are.


Poor poor Sundance! :( It's so terrible to lose a pet as they become such a warm part of your family. We're all thinking of you and Sundance, that is for sure.


I've never posted on here before, but I enjoy reading your blog. I am so sorry to hear about Sundance, he is such a cutie. After reading your blog for awhile now, it's almost like I know him too... this is so, so sad to hear!

Lots of good thoughts your way.



Our hearts go out to you...

Pia K

Oh my, FIP, how awful, poor Sundance - I'm so, so sorry. Take care, as best you can//Pia


That's just awful news. I'm SO SAD! Poor sweet faced Sundance. Oh, Sher - my thoughts are with you and your family. Take care of yourselves.


I read your blog daily. I hope things improve for Sundance.


Sending hugs and good energy your way -- such a difficult time.


Oh no -- I am so so sorry. Big hug, to both you and Sundance, and eat all the comfort foods you need...


Hi Sher,
I've been keeping up with your blog and cooking some of your recipes since I wrote that story about you for the Enterprise, and now I'm all teared up thinking about Sundance and all the cute picture of him that you post. I'm so sorry. What a shock. I hope you get through it alright.


I'm really sorry to read about Sundance. I've enjoyed your weekend cat blogging, and love seeing photos of your felines. Only good thoughts to you and yours...


oh sher i'm so sorry t hear about sweet sweet little sundance. i cant imagine how your heart must be breaking. thank you for sharing his sweatness with us all through your blog, he will be dearly missed. kisses kisses rubs rubs....

Beau Beau & Angie

We are sending good wishes and prayers your way for Sundance. We know there's a time when we must go but it always seems too soon.


Oh, Sher, I'm so sorry. He's such a cutie and always reminds me of an orange tabby we used to have. That's terribly sad news.


We are so sorry to hear about Sundance. He is such a sweet kitty. We know that this is a painful time for you all and we send purrs to all.


I'm so sorry! Whatever needs to happen, know that you have so much support here in the cat blogosphere and we are all praying for you and sending you purrs. It's such sad news and a horrible position for you to be in.


dearest Sher, I am so sorry to hear about Sundance... he is one of the prettiest cats with a pair of gentle eyes... my heart aches just reading what both of you have been through :( but hope with the medical help and your painstaking care to Sundance, he'd have a comfortable time.



Thank you--I greatly appreciate your thoughts.


Yes, I took the picture. I admit that I take pictures of your cheese every time I eat it. Thank you for your thoughts.


Thank you for your kindness.. It all happened so quickly. He didn't seem sick until a month ago.


Thank you for your words. We do turn to food for comfort, don't we?


Thank you for thinking of me. I'm so sorry that you lost both your dogs. That must have been so painful.

Taboo & Whaleshaman,

Thank you for reminding me of what a sweet cat he has been, with that picture of him. I'll always think of him like that.

Butta Buns,

Thank you so much! I got your hugs. :)


Thank you for taking the time to send your thoughts. It means a great deal to me.


Thank you. Yes, I wish he understood that I'm trying to help him, not hurt him--when I feed him. Poor guy.


Thank you for your thoughts. I had a very bad feeling when he started acting so tired last week. This was all very sudden.


Thank you for thinking of us. It is losing a member of my family, and unexpected.


Thank you so much for taking the time express your thoughts.

Boston Chef,

Thank you--it touches me that so many people care.

Pia K,

Thank you. FIP is truly alarming. I was hoping he didn't have this.


Thank you for caring. It is awful---I'm glad he had some time to be happy


Thank you for your support. And thank you for coming to my blog.


Thank you, it helps to hear from friends.


Thank you--these messages are a comfort too.


Thank you for your kindness. I'm glad you read the blog and "met" Sundance. And I hope you liked the recipes. :)


Thank you for writing that. It feels good to know that people enjoyed seeing Upsie and Sundance.


Thank you for your concern. Yes, he will be missed so much.

Beau Beau & Angie,

Thank you for your good wishes. It is much too soon. I thought he would be a companion for many years!


Thank you for your kindness. He did have that funny yellow cat personality.


Thank you for the kind purrs. It helps.


Thank you for your support. There can never be too many purrs.


Thank you--hearing from you is very healing. You have been missed. You are right--Sundance has very kind eyes.


I'm so sorry to hear about Sundance. I've just started reading and every time you host the WCB I make my BF look at the beautiful cats. Sundance is one of them, and always will be.


I am so sorry Sher. Sundance is such a perfect name for him. I know how hard this time is. The place that our pets take in our hearts is so huge. Hugs my friend.


I am so very sorry about Sundance. Not only did he "entertain" and bring lots of love to you and Upsie, but he kept my family in rapt attention for all the latest posts of his exploits and "comments". My sister in Canada and my daughter in Florida and I check in each week to see the wonderful posts you share. Lots of comfort and love to you all, and Upsie especially, who really will need lots of hugs now, too!

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