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July 29, 2007



I've just started using (and loving) couscous. In the past the salads I was served at the local picnics were always so dry,so I tried making it myself... I discovered the secret to good couscous - which, I can see you have, too - lots of other goodies (and maybe a tad more cooking liquid). I love how easy it is!
Your salad is beautiful and another way to use zucchini....yippee!


Sher, I adore couscous! I made some couscous, too and will be posting about it for next week WHB. :D


This looks so good. I must try this recipe!


Ooh, love the feta in there. I actually bought feta today and have zucchini around I want to use up; maybe this will be my "lunch for the week" dish!

Anna Haight

This does not look like you used anything but the freshest picked vegetables, and the combination sounds outstanding - not to mention that the photo is beautiful!


Gorgeous photo.
Always a joy to see another place for zucchini to star!


Oh, this looks great and will be amazing with the RED, GREEN, AND YELLOW couscous that I bought in bulk yesterday! I've never seen colored couscous before, so I'm pretty stoked to use it with more gorgeous colors. Yippee!


Sher, I have nothing but utmost respect for you and all the others occupied with this particular daring bakers project, but this recipe is much more my speed. I just found whole wheat cous cous and am anxious to try it. And anything that uses garden ingredients is good right now!

Katie B.

Wow - I think this ALSO will be made this weekend! Easypeesy!

Sue (coffeepot)

I love couscous too. Looks very yummy and healthy.


We tried this tonight and it was very tasty. My husband doesn't usually like raw zucchini, but he thought this was very good, so thanks! I left out the bell pepper and added the zest of the lemon that I used for the juice.

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