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July 14, 2007



Oh my goodness! That looks sooooo good!


I can't tell you how much I want to eat one of those right now. Talk about seriously good. And such gorgeous photos. Wow. And, another use for goat cheese, which I can get from a local producer so am always looking for new ideas.

What can I say? Another one to tag and make soon. Note to self: Get eggplant at the farmers' market tomorrow!


Oh -- and the tarragon! As you may know, I adore that herb and am growing it.

This dish is making me SO happy.


Wow! This looks so good...Noticed that Tanna had made it and loved it so hopefully I can dish it up next week!


OMG! That is very creative and yummy looking. If I were not on my "no fried food" diet, I would totally try making this.


wow!now that is impressive presentation! fantastic! im just popping down the shops to pick up some eggplant...


HOLY COW! I can't imagine this not being over the top delicious. And could you have made it any prettier? I think not! Just gorgeous, my friend. =)

I gotta wonder.. how do you think big slices of zucchini would work? I've got some monsters from our garden that I'd love to use up in a savory recipe while I'm waiting for my baby eggplants to mature. *swoon*



Wow- eggplant parm gone upscale! I'll take two, please!


I made these tonight. Y-U-M!


I made these last week. It was really, really good. The leftover tomato-tarragon sauce came in handy too. I tossed in some cauliflower florets, a couple of hand fulls of spinach and some garlic powder and it was great over ravioli. :)


With eggplant being one of my favorite vegetables and tarragon my favorite herb and fresh young goat cheese, I will have to try this one and soon. Thanks for the posting!


What a fun, creative idea! These sound like a perfect dinner, lunch, or even snack:-) I love that you named them a "whoopie pie" so perfect! Take care, Terra


Oh my...I saw this on Pinterest and just made it tonight. I was literally speechless because it was so good. Even my 'meat-and-potatoes' boyfriend went back for seconds! Thank you so much! I can't wait to try more recipes from your blog.


I made this today and wow - it was so good!!!


Just tried these tonight & highly recommend! AMAZING! Only thing I didn't have Tarragon on hand so used fresh Oregano....will definitely make again! Thanks for the great recipe.

Grandma Barb

This is one recipe I have to try.

Rosaria Certo-Crimaldi

It looks elegant and tantalizing...!
A brilliant idea to cook eggplants and to shape them as sandwiches..wow..!


Made this tonight, it was delicious! My fiancee loved it too! I served it with a salad. I haven't used tarragon before but it was good!

Stacey Meyer

This is the most delicious looking dish using eggplant I've ever seen and my family agreed! I pinned this recipe over a year ago and finally got around to making it. It is rich and delicious! But I think it's important to note that, while the instructions are simple, the execution is time consuming and not so simple.

Specifically, the frying was hard for me. You have to make sure your oil is really hot (hotter than you use to cook chicken for example) or your eggplant will get greasy. Too hot the oil burns or burns the outside of the food without cooking it and gives everything a blackish-gray color and burny flavor. If you are an experienced "fryer" (which I am not), the balance of hot but not too hot is probably second nature for you, but it's tricky.

I needed more breadcrumbs and not as much egg for my coating. Also, I had to guess at how thick to cut the eggplant, and since the recipe called for 2 eggplants, I figured the pieces need to be pretty thick so I cut them about 3/8" thick and I still had extra eggplant. I would recommend using only one good-sized eggplant and cutting the slices a little thinner. This will probably make frying faster and easier. I also drained the newly-fried eggplant on paper towels and used the towels to blot the excess oil from the eggplant, too.

The sauce is lovely and a perfect compliment to the rich, crunchy eggplant. I served it with a side of buttered spaghetti which also worked well.

My family loved it and it was decadent. Very yummy, but not a quick dish to make.

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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