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July 20, 2007



So sorry Sher. I know that is difficult.


We are very sad to hear this. big hugs to sher and upsie. it's difficult but we are sure you'll manage it.

Kashim & Othello

Thanks for joining WCB!!

Bonnie from Virginia

Dear Sher,
I am so sorry for Upsie. Is it only the pills at this time to help treat her diabetes?
Dear Upsie,
I agree with that thermometer thing!
I know how hard it is to have your food restricted. The American pets seem to be getting the same conditions as their humans.
I hope some readers will send in helpful information about their own diabetic kitties.


Oh Upsie! That's such a tiny portion of food for one day! But you'll be alright. Your mummy and the doctor just want you to be well. Did you know that cats generally eat a serving the size of a mouse? That's pretty small! I've explained that to Kamikaze, but he wants about six mice sized portions a day! He's on a diet as well, and the "feed me!" meows are maddening.
I hope you're feeling okay, pretty girl.
Do you meow a lot in the car on the way to the vet's?


Poor Upsie! Trixie can sympathize. Although she doesn't have diabetes (that we know of!), her diet has been reduced to a measly quarter cup of food twice a day, and she is NOT happy about it! Hang in there and think of how slim you will be for the fall fashions!


awww upsie, you are so cute in your crate [rubs]

aaaand, don't be too difficult your mom is taking care of you ;)

kross-eyed kitty

Poor Upsie! I always knew you were a sweet girl...

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Aw, going to the vet is never fun. Luna had to go to the vet, too, recently. And she didn't like the thermometer either.

I'm sure sher has something good in mind for your new diet, though.

Come see us at our temporary home. Plus, it's really *hot* here today, over 80 at the coast!


Poor Upsie! I got the exact same schpeal when I took Scampy to the vet in June. So sorry, and you're right...3/4 cup of food is insanity. Good luck, sending good thoughts to you.

mosaic cats

Oh, we are so sorry to hear this, but it can be managed, right? You can have many more wonderful years with your mom, even though her food blog will surely torture you. (Ours doesn't cook good at all!)
We both had to go to the fur doctor this morn, but FINALLY, some good fur news shined upon our family. We were due. For this week, we are all doing better and some of us are fine! Wow. Imagine.
We'll be thinking of you guys,
Willie & Bianca


Oh, poor little Upsie! I'm sorry to hear that you have diabetus...
Be nice to your mom, she only wants you to feel well!


Oh, poor Upsie. I really hope that your diet (however hard it may be) will make you slim and trim, so you can hang out with your wonderful mom and Sundance for years to come.


Awwwww Upsie, this sux, but do what the beans say, you will feeel better, I promise!


Oh my goodness, Upsie looks very small in that PTU. Willow is supposed to be dieting too. It's not going well...


Oh! Pauvre bébé! Poor Upsie. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news. I thought seeing my pup's leg in a cast was bad but this is on a different level altogether.


sweetheart, upsie!

we are so sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but we bet you that your diet will have you feeling better and even losing your cravings! you won't be thinking about food all the time.

and then we can all go for a lo-carb mouseburger to celebrate.

my mom just said "yuck!"

what does she know about great kitty food, nothing!


Bad Kitty cats

Oh we hope you feel better quick - diabetes is not fun for sure. Sending our Purrs and Scritches. That doesn't seem like a lot of food. Hmmmm...



Oh Upsie, it is just no fair. It will be ok, the diet and pills will make you stronger, so you can keep Sundance in line. I too am on a diet. It is barely anything morning and night. One day, my humans were 1 hr late in dumping the few kibble in my bowl... I was hungry.


Poor Upsie. :( I'm sorry to hear you have diabetes. A lot of diabetic cats have had success with an all-wet-food diet or a raw food (BARF) diet. I hope that your diet goes well and your diabetes gets under control quickly.


Upsie darling, I hate that thermometer too and wouldn't like it near my body too. Sorry to hear abt yr diabetes condition but we're rooting for you to lose the weight and get better soon.

Pia K

Poor Upsie! A friend of mine's cat had diabetes for years, but he managed well with his medication for many years to come after be diagnosed. I'm sure you will too!


Upsie, I'm sorry. Little Bastard is diabetic too but he has to get a shot every morning. He doesn't like the vet either. He hisses at the man who brings the thermometer.


Poor, Upsie! You certainly look irritated in the vet's office picture. And who can blame you?


I feel your pain... Spot got dx just last week. They actually wanted him to have the shots, but after much consideration, Dave and I decided that we will stick with the pills.

It's really difficult trying to feed him separately from three other cats. We normally have the food bowl filled at all times.

Is Upsie a good pill taker? We tried shoving them down his throat to no avail. What does work is crushing the pill into a fine powder, then mixing it thoroughly with some form of protein. Spot now LOVES the fact that he gets his own special ramekin of fish/chicken/etc twice a day, while the others look on!

Perhaps we should have a WCB 'support group' day?

Kelly Cat

Hang in there, Upsie... it's for your own good. If it's any consolation, humans get their temperatures taken in the whoopsadaisy, too.

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