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July 28, 2007



poor upsie!! I can understand that you are not feeli9ng well wif you diet! diets are crap and momma mommaa is always muttering about my mancat-y fluffy wide-body as she calls it!!
you see - you pointed out the fact we we need to stay how we are and maintain our body-fluffyness. I am a pacifist myself and would never fight so whioch other means to we have?

purrs, Kashim

darling upsie, you have to stay healthy and unfortunately this means to loos some weight! I am pretty sure your mom is suffering with you but the just wants to do all whats necessary to keep you in best and healthy condition!
headscritches for you!


Oh Upsie, you win my heart every time. So sorry but don't you feel better!

Bonnie from Virginia

This is so funny. Unfortunately, I feel for you with the special diet. Work on building muscle. Take care.

mosaic cats

Hi Upsie,
We were hoping you'd update us on your situation this weekend! You look lovely in the grass.
We've been meaning to tell you that even though Mosaic Lady does NOT cook, does NOT LIKE to cook, the last few recipes on your mom's blog have driven her nuts! The pastas, pestos, eggplant...even the nut and cheese loaf. You might make a cook of her yet.
Sadie said to tell you that she is NOT getting into a stroller. EVER.
Take good care of yourself. We know you'll be OK once you adjust to the changes.
Willie & Bianca


Upsie, so sorry about the diet. Maybe develop a hobby, take your mind off food? :)


Upsie, so sorry about the diet. Maybe develop a hobby, take your mind off food? :)



I can't imagine you being anyone's bitch.


LOL LOL LOL! Poor girl, you and MOMMY are just TOO funny!! - I know there's nothing funny about that stupid diet. BAD ol' Mommy! Look on the bright side...just think how sexy you'll be! I can send some tuxedo guys out from Virginia to help look out for you in the yard (but they're kind of sissies). Love to you, we're thinking about you. : )


Oh, poor little Upsie, how cruel! But you must understand that your mom HAS to make you eat less. For her it's also not funny!

Don't worry, you will always look gorgeous! I want to scratch your stomach and hug you...


LOL! LOL! I can't see Upsie being anybody's bitch either :-D

Oh Upsie, it really is for the best my darling. Think how much faster you'll be able to run and how much more energy you will have!

I think...no I know...my Max must also go on a diet. His manly width is getting a bit too manly for my own liking.

Joy T.

Wind up someone's bitch LOLOLOLOLOL Poor Upsie. I have a pooch on a diet in my home so I know the pain you are feeling. Just think though. Those bodacious hips of yours will be sashaying around in no time...and maybe a boyfriend will be in your future??


psssst, ups'...

tell yur mom yur coming over to watch the tres skinny peeps ride bicycles through paris -- to get some inspiration for yur diet, of course.

shhh, don' tell, but i gots chizburgers [no rolls, just the locarb meat!] hiding under my tent [it's in a cooler, not getting stinky], and i'll share them with you.

if you need a ride, i'll tell hur to go get you, on a speedy french bicycle, of course!

ooh-la-la, vous ĂȘtes ma belle amie.


Upsie, you will never be someone's bitch, no matter how svelt you end up. Remember, losing a wee bit of weight is good for your health, so you'll be able to stay with your mama for many years to come.


Poor Upsie! My cat, Huey, can relate. He's (well, was) a portly fella, but he got food allergies (to all the good things like chicken, tuna, salmon) and had to go on a special bland diet. He'd spit out the light beige Science Diet Z/D pebbles as if to say, "Bleh!" (Or Ptooey!) Anyhoo...he lost 3-4lbs and is still as jolly as ever. But he does have the loose skin on the tummy. Sorry!

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