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July 13, 2007



Oh, Sundance, you bad boy. You deserved that ribbon treatment, that's for sure. :) But how could anyone stay mad at you for very long? Impossible!

mosaic cats

Oh Sundance! You are an orange guy. Did you know that? That ribbon totally becomes you. We made the Mosaic Lady come see your photo, and she gasped aloud. That means you hit her in the heart. All orange guys do that to her upon sight. We suspect we'll be making room in our fur fam soon for an orange guy. It's all under neegosheashun right now.
Thank you for welcoming us so warmly to Cat Land.
Your new friends,
Willie, Bianca and Sadie (for now. More new fur friends to come. Maybe. Depends on concessions from the Mosaic Lady. Consult our lawyers for final decisions.)


Gosh, he is SO cute!

One day, maybe....one day he will get to explore the great outdoors. One day.....

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Thanks for the giggle this morning!

Joy T.

Awww. That look LOL The ribbon is definitely your color Sundance. Now stop making mom chase you and be a good boy!

Pia K

So very cute you are, Sundance:)
Your appearance reminds me a lot of an adorable housecat I once had, he had some parts abyssinian in him, I think you might have that too...?


Now Sundance, why would you want to leave your awesome mother and your super-star sister, Upsie?

PS: That ribbon is very fetching on you!


How good it is to come here! Thanks Sher.

Bonnie from Virginia

You are such a handsome boy. You look marvelous, darling, with your ribbon.
Those terrible noisy kids next door scared you.
How are the wild fires and how is the heatwave this weekend?
I enjoy seeing Sundance, Upsie, etc., and all your recipes each week.


Such a sweet face, who can't stay angry with u for long.


Sundance, you are a naughty bugger!


Sundance does have such a sweet face! Be a good boy and listen to your mom, Ginger-Cat!


Wow, Sundance, you are very brave! I like to go outside too, but I'm good, and just beg for my humans to put my harness on!

Thanks for taking part in WCB. :)


Sundance you look very grown up in the first pic!
Boy has this kitten grown!!
And you are samrter than your mom thought you are, huh? *whispers* Great job!! ;o)


uh-oh, sundance -- i just need to warn you my mom is going to tell your mom a secret method to retrain you away from the door...and there's a clue already in your tale: the kids next door made a BAD noise.

long ago in my prime, i was an escape kitty as was an older sis, who has since "moved on" -- to kitty heaven, that is. we were 2 of the best, and only a freshly opened can of tuna could tempt us to stop running around the bushes and the yard toward the street!

but she started shaking her keys [since we ignored her yelling], and even threw them on the ground in front of us [a "yikes!" moment , not a hurty event] as she slowly opened the door to find us lurking and ready to spring out the door. or she had old soda cans at the garden door, with pebbles inside, which she shook furiously in our direction. bad noise is right! TOO LOUD!

okay, sport -- you're on your own from now on, don't say you haven't been warned.

and -- you are kinda cute -- we'd all be really sad if you got lost out in the scary world.

give upsie and big MEW! from me.

next week, bro.


Oh no, running outside isn't a good idea! The outside is full of scary things that might hurt you! Your mum only wants to protect you by keeping you inside. We wouldn't want you to get hurt or lost! :(


Oh, that's scary when an indoor cat runs out. Love the ribbon on Sundance - he is a very good looking cat, love the eyes!


Oh that is so funny! :)
But how can you stay mad at a face as mischivous and cute as that?! :-D

I think my cats take their freedom for granted...they're in and out every five minutes.


You are a bad kitty ;-P! Fridolin also does the same. If a door is left open, you can be sure that he will have to enquire!

Sundance is such a cutie pie!


How can you resist that face though? it must be hard. He's such a cutie.



Yes--it really is impossible to stay mad at him!

Mosaic Cats,

I loved looking at your blog. You are surrounded with beauty--and lovely furry friends. Come on, Mosaic Lady--let mom have more kitties!


We think it may be years before Sundance can ever go out...he's just too hinky!


Oh good! If we make someone giggle--our work is done!

Joy T,

Sundance says that "good boy" is a foreign language he doesn't understand!

Pia K,

Ahh, several people have noticed that Sundance may have abyssinian in him. We like that idea!


Yes--why would he want to have anything to do with the evil outdoors?


Thank you for coming!


Thank you Bonnie. The wildfires are out (for the most part), but it's so dry, they may come again. Shudder!


Yes, you can't stay mad at a teenager! :):)


He loves bugs--so he thinks your talking about something entirely different! :)


OK, I told him what you said. He said, "HUH?"


You are a well behaved boy, Dragonheart! Thanks for hosting this week.


How is you head feeling? We hear about your my-grins! Awful things. Hugs!


Boy, that is excellant advice. Sundance hates loud noises!!!!


Yes, we keep telling Sundance that it's a scary, bad place! Sigh!


Sundance says thank you!


Your cats are lucky! Actually, Upsie goes out, because she has arthritis and can't jump the fence!!!


I bet Fridolin and Sundance would like to be buddies and run away for a fun jaunt!


Thank you--he says he is a cutie patootie!


Hey! Just saying "hi" to Sundance, Upsie, and Mom. We sure hope Upsie is taking her pills and getting better. :)

Your friends at Scamperdude

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