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July 06, 2007



Sundance must have redeemed himself in a big way; I see he's not only back outside but getting the deluxe spa treatment! I don't suppose he would care to share his secret? : )


DUH! I forgot to ask for the coveted linky. This week, we explore why cats and food just seem to go together, PLUS, check out our adorable new foster tiny. http://scamperdude.blogspot.com - Thanks!


I'm coming, and bringing more ice and an air conditioner! Don't start the party without me, please, purrty please.

Out In The Open...http://jellypizza.blogspot.com/search/label/Taboo


Oh Upsie, you are one smart kitty! And yes, those squirrels are way too cute!


It sure is hot. I could use some of that ice and could sit right under that air condition!

Sasha is on her way over ;-)

Wyatt and Egbert

We're conked out on Lucky's Gorey bag and she just thinks that's soooo funny. Whatever, crazy lady! Just keep the food comin'!



Hi! This weekend I'm reminiscing over a photo of Puddy when we first took her in, compared to a photo I snapped today of her eating. You can see how big she's grown (compared to back then) and how much more healthier she looks! Reminiscing is fun!
Here is our linkie:
Thankyou for hosting!

Katie and Puddy


upsi, that are great ideas for keeping cool. it's hot here too, we might try your suggestions!
momma is not feelin' too well - my-grine again :( it's the weather she says... so we don't have much to blog for this WCB maybe she's feeling better later ...



Upsie, you are one really smart and cool cat. Stay cool.


Upsie sure has this summertime thing down...Harmon seems to think she would be WAY cooler with a great summer 'do' like his. Come see Mr. Snugglesworth.



Glad to hear the squirrels are growing up and you stay nice and cool, Upsie. With all that beautiful long hair, I bet it's a challenge sometimes.

Bonnie from Virginia

Dear Upsie,
Sounds like a very nice way to beat the heat. This evening I will take you advice.


Upsie, I hope that when I die, I can come back as a cat in your household. What an awesome life!!

Bonnie from Virginia

Dear Sher and Upsie,
Thank you for hosting WCB and thank you for the update on the squirrels.
Here is my link http://misselliespage.blogspot.com/2007/07/shelby-and-cassidy-were-both-adopted.html
I volunteer at the cat shelter, and we have had these 2 beautiful female kitties in the system for a year. Now they both found a good home together.


We're faking interest in our human to get something...


Upsie, you certainly are a cool cat. I'd love to join you for a mojito. Thanks for hosting this week!

It's not so hot here in the Pacific Northwest, but Sasha and Sergei are loafing through the day. (They are cats, after all.)


It's super hot here too!!!! Such great ideas which I'm planning to do for the kitties as they're suffering from the heat too. Cheers on the mojito.

Here's the kitties for this weekend - two sweeties sharing their dinner:



Fanks for hosting Upsie! That cold pack looks like a great way to beat the heat. Me, I'm getting tired of the flashy box. So here's our WCB entry


Oh, Upsie, Kat's Cat of the Day is doing a slide for July of cat tongues. That picture of you licking your nose would be perfect if you want to enter it!


I am ready now for the WCB posting. Here is my link:

Thank you for hosting!

Joy T.

Ice pack is the way to go. You look comfortable Upsie and that's what matters. Glad the squirrels are doing good. Kind of sad to see them go though. How about you go knock some squirrels out of their nest so mom can show more pictures? Joking! Just joking! Kind of.


Oh Upsie, with all your long and luxurious fur, you must be melting! Stay cool!


Poor Upsie! That heat must not be pleasant at all... At least, your mom takes care of you!

The squirrels are big now, wow! Great to hear that they are doing well.

Have a nice day tomorrow and thanks for hosting the event!

If you want to see Fridolin and Maruschka looking like two little angels, then here the link:




Pia K

Here we have quite the opposite problem, too much rain right now which makes it nearly impossible to be outside enjoying the fenced garden. We fourlegged ones are all grumpy being forced to stay indoors instead. Maybe we could share some rain with you, Upsie, if you send us some sun?

This weekend's contribution

Thanks for hosting!

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Hi there. Hope you're staying cool. I was inland yesterday and felt how hot it's been lately. But it's pretty warm here on the coast, too.
Come see how we try to beat the heat and still enjoy summer.



Hey Upsie & Sher,
I found some old pics of my favorite tomcat from my youth, and was inspired by the heat (and Live Earth Day) to blog ecological:
Thanks for hosting!

Skeezix the Cat

My WCB entry is a plee for help! I'm having a bad hare day, and I don't wunt Daisy to see me like this!



Oh Upsie, Upsie, Upsie! You're such a smart girl, keeping cool with your icepack and big licky tongue. And those squirrels sure grow up fast, eh?
Kamikaze wants you to see his pretty hat here: http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/07/wcb-109-cat-with-hat.html
He says if you want to come over, you can sit in his other carrot and wear one too!
Thanks for hosting this weekend, Sher. You're awesome. Did you like that movie about the Rat?


Thank you for hosting! Here's us this week:

Donny and Marie

Hello, pawesome to meet ya!

We'd like to join in WCB, this weekend, Marie got a very fine prize pack from the Canadian Kitties Group...and OF COURSE, I had to get in on the act!!

Here's our WCB entry: http://mariethedefender.blogspot.com/2007/07/gift-for-me-only-me.html

~Donny and Marie

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