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July 30, 2007



Sher oh Sher, this cake is perfect! You are a real daring baker - who is willing to take on different challange! :D Wish i could have a piece.


Your cake is absolutely gorgeous! It's time that you stop having those negative feelings about your baking abilities, you are obviously a pro! And even professionals make mistakes but they never blog about them! Hugs!


After making the cake, my kitchen looked just like yours too. I admire your persistence even though it seemed like the pastry gods were out to get you with hand cramps and spilled ingredients! =)


Oh, you poor thing. You got there in the end though, alls well that ends well. And you have a lovely cake. I'm sure it tasted wonderful.


Finally, a 'Daring Baker' who bakes like I do! I've been admiring these cakes all morning (and yours is truly lovely, what with all the 'sweat equity, and all) and have no false ideas that I could have made this successfully. I can admire though... I'd even be willing to taste.
Then I'm going to stem my bowl of just picked strawberries, dump some vanilla yogurt on top and have lunch!


Your cake is beautiful and I'm laughing so hard . . . locusts and floods. Oh my goodness Sher! My kitchen seemed to look like that a lot this month. It seemed for a time to be stuck in a rewind loop!
Wonderful post.


Sher, this is awesome. The post was excellent and funny and that cake ... gorgeous!


Beautiful cake and wonderful post!

Butta Buns

It'll be a dark day in hell when a cake defeats our Sher. Oh the things we do for our art!


Oh Sher, your cake looks gorgeous. I had the same mess as you had. Come to think of it if you look at my cake layer, it was kind of flat too. I overbeat my egg whites in this case.


Congrats on your first challenge, it looks gorgeous!


You are amazing! Such a lovely writeup and your mirror is lovely, not like the uneven layer I had on mine as well as the uneven layers of Bavarian and cake....!!!


Your cake looks lovely!


Great post, and you got there in the end! I did think about taking a picture of the aftermath too, there was lots of it! Lovely cake :)


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so sorry all the gremlins decided to sit in your kitchen while you were making this thing but it is beautiful in the end!

Now put your feet up and relax. You've earned it!


You had me laughing so hard because we had very similar experiences! Congrats on making it all the way through! :-)


Hi Sher - well for all of the troubles it gave you, I think your cake still turned out gorgeous! And I know what you mean about the dishes aftermath - my husband came into the kitchen and his jaw just dropped at all of the pots and pans! LOL!


Wow, that's an amazing beauty!
At least, you didn't suffer for nothing during those three days of baking hell! You ended up with a perfect cake! You can be proud of yourself to have been so perseverant...


Uh-oh.....looks like you had a few misadventures along the way, but your final product is beautiful! Great job`!


I am amazed at the devotion - I think that if I would have had all of your problems, I probably would have given up. Your final cake looks gorgeous, though!!


I admire your persistence! The cake looks great and I love that you took a photo of the dishes. My kitchen was a disaster after the baking! :-)


I think I would have given up after the third faulty attempt with the cakes! You really soldiered on, and in the end, your cake was just as gorgeous as could be.


I think your cake looks lovely. I think your post is a hoot. And I think you are a baker of extraordinarily daring prowess!
I'm coming to Davis in August. Any chance we can have coffee? (and cake?)


Gah! I've blocked out how many sink loads of dishes I ended up washing yesterday morning. All your troubles were worth it though...lovely cake!


Sher, despite your trials and tribulations with your cake, your cake DID turn out lovely!


Hello Sher,

As usual, your creations are so tempting.

Nice work.


Looking at the cake I would never be able to tell that you went through all that, and apparently it tastes great too, so kudos to you for sticking through all of that! I made a better looking and better tasting version a week after the one I posted, but for the sake of principle I stuck to the one that I put up in spite of my mistakes.


Hooray for you! You hung in there, when many others would have trashed the entire mirror cake idea. And you produced a beautiful cake in the end!


Great cake, Sher! I loved your write-up ... I'm so glad you're a Daring Baker!

(Sorry I haven't been around much lately ...)


are you kidding me? That cake is a work of art! You amaze me! It's absolutely gorgeous!

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