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July 05, 2007



Now that is great fast food! Wonderful photos.


If I have to eat something on a hot hot day -- something other than ice cream -- this is just the kind of dish I love!


Looks really good.

I grew sweet and Thai basil this year but the sweet is doing a lot better than the Thai.

I might harvest all the thai and make this and be done with the stuff.

Butta Buns

Spicy food in triple digit temps, that's fantastic! I love spicy sesame noodles and am so going to give this a try.


What a perfect dish, especially when it's hot. I can only imagine what that's like - I'm wearing socks and a sweater!

Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. It's always a pleasure when you do. Check back for the roundup in a bit.


This is my kind of meal!!

Muse in the Kitchen

This looks wonderful - and simple, too. I think I might take it for a spin this weekend. It's supposed to be hot!


Yum! Pasta is always great. I am super early this time round for WCB. Here's my link:



Three digit? I don't know whether to feel jealous or sorry for you there! It's been freezing and thundery here for weeks!

I can only imagine how good cold sesame noodles tasted on a day that hot. I have a real thing for sesame in oriental carb dishes.

Susan from Food Blogga

It's only 10 in the morning, and I'm seriously craving some of your noodles, Sher! I'm addicted to Asian noodle dishes like this--they're so easy, healthy, and satisfying.


Mmmm.... I want summa dat!

I love cold noodle dishes in high summer. I have a cold peanut noodle dish I love, and sesame noodles ROCK!


Gosh I love cold spicy noodles, I'm glad you found something to hit the spot as well as keep you cool!


This is so easy. I'm looking for such quick easy tasty dishes to do in triple-digit temp too! Thanks!


Oh wow - I live in Mesa, Arizona and it was over 100 degrees before 9am this morning. I totally understand where you are coming from on the heat thing. This looks like an excellent idea to "beat the heat." I've never made anything like it but you've inspired me to try! :)

The Cooking Ninja

Sounds very good. Something new for me to try it out. I love pasta.


You are so smart. That is the perfect meal. I can feel it cooling me down just looking at the pic and reading the recipe. Me? Like an idiot I planned meal with meat and potatoes and dinner rolls. Gene can eat it. It feels to heavy and overwhelming. Great job!


What a gorgeous and easy looking dish to make! You could always throw some meat in it easily too! Here's another one I'm bookmarking for future reference.

Stay cool there! I hear you guys have a huge heat wave down there. It's been warm up here but definitely not triple digits (that pretty much never happens up here!).


That looks just great. Think it could be lunch tomorrow.
What a lovely blog. Lovely fresh looking food.
I wish it was summer again so I can make beautiful tomato dishes


i'm tagging you! (don't worry, i won't be offended if you don't do memes). check out the "8 things you didn't know about me" post at eatheregetgas.bravejournal.com


Wow, that looks delicious! I love peanuts, sesame oil, vinegar, scallions and noodles together.


This looks really good. Cool tasty noodles with spicy chili oil would hit the spot on a hot day.



Thanks, it really was very fast to make. I'll make this recipe a lot.


Ice cream is certainly a good choice. I went to my favorite coffee house yesterday and most people were eating the gelato, instead of coffee.


Yes, my Thai basil isn't doing as well as the sweet. Strange how these things go with gardening.

Butta Buns,

It's interesting how eating spicy food makes you sweat more, which is good for keeping cool. Or at least, that's what I've read! :):)


No--you're wearing socks and a sweater? That sounds marvelous. :):):)


Good--hope you can taste it someday!

Muse In The Kitchen,

This is even better the next day, eaten cold from the fridge. I had it for breakfast---and lunch!


Gotcha! Look for the Roundup for WCB late Sunday! :)


Oh this is such a great dish for a hot day. All the leftovers are gone! And I'm sad about that!


And they are great for breakfast! :):) I sure enjoyed them this morning.


Yes, strange how the peanut and sesame taste is so nice cold. Yum!


It certainly did hit the spot. I think I may go on a cold spicy noodle quest, trying as many recipes as possible!


I hope you give this one a try. It really is quite nice.


I visited Arizona once during the summer and it gets even hotter than here! So, I know what it can be like. Loved it there, by the way!

Cooking Ninja,

Hope you do give it a try!


Well, I think you deserve a medal of honor for cooking that big meal!!!! :):)


Yes, I thought about how it could have chicken added quite easily. I will try that someday! And it's supposed to cool down tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


Thank you! :) Before you know it--summer will be with you again!


Thank you! Sounds like fun!


I love those tastes too (obviously)--so I think you will like this if you make it. :)


Yes, it really does. And it seems like the cold noodles are a teeny bit less spicy than if they were heated up. But, that may be my imagination.


The heat has me yearning for cold noodle salads as well. I'll have to give this one a spin when I get back!


Yeah, cold noodles, good!
Quick, spicy, maybe an ice cold beer to wash it down?
Sorry about your heat. We had an hour of sunshine today, the first this month, I think. It has yet to get above 24C (75F). Other summers it's straight 80's... The temp wouldn't be so bad if the sun would only shine.....


This looks tasty! Perfect for triple digit heat.

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