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July 25, 2007



This sounds like a great recipe, Sher. I have bookmarked it, and will make it soon! :)


Sher, you sold me... for all of the same reason. I will have to admit that I have 'thinned' it with plain yogurt in the past - this sounds like more of an actual plan (then my usual last-ditch effort)


I love pesto, too, so I'm thrilled to find this great lower-fat version. Will definitely try it.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, I'm gonna tag this recipe, ok? It looks great and since I'm trying to count calories as well it will fit like a glove. ;)


I'm excited to try this! Even though it may not be the same as regular pesto, it's probably perfect for an easy week-night meal. Thanks!


Not being much of a pasta eater, but wowed by this lower fat version of basil pesto, I am intrigued with the idea of pairing this with grilled salmon or tossing it with grilled or oven-roasted shrimp. What do you think? I think I'm going to try it. :))


Do you think you could clarify something for me?

I thought that part-skim milk ricotta was the same as low fat ricotta, but I guess that's not the case.

I will be making this very soon, sounds great!


Delicious looking pasta! I love this twist on pesto and must try it.



Thank you! I hope you like it!


Yes, I've tried other low fat recipes too. This one seems to work because the ricotta adds creaminess but doesn't detract from the basil.


Like you a love pesto, but sometimes I'm all too aware of how high the calories are in the full fat versions


Yes, calorie counting, it's a time honored quest for most of us! :):)


Yes, it is very quick and perfect for a fast and good tasting meal. Hope you like it.


Yes, I intend to try it with seafood too. It would be just great and wouldn't lavish on the calories.


Yes, it is confusing, isn't it? They usually have low fat and part skim milk ricotta sitting side by side in the dairy case. The low fat is about 20 calories lower per serving than the part skim milk variety. But, it makes a big difference in the consistancy of the pesto. The low fat version is just to dry, sad to say--for this recipe, that is. Hope you like it, if you make it.


This sounds like a great low-fat recipe! After my tart-bingeing two weeks ago my pants have started complaining and my arms started jiggling. Good to know I can still have my pesto and eat it! Thanks sher!


Oh wow! That looks awesome, and it's low-fat too?? I can't find Fusilli anywhere, but I may try a store in Bellingham that might have it (specialty organic store). I love funky pastas.


OOh sounds perfect to eat by the spoonful! And knowing how much you appreciate MC, he has a ricotta pesto with a lot of lemon zest in it, probably not as low fat as yours tho.


What a fantastic idea. I can't wait to try it out. I could use a little help in cutting calories. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. Check back for the roundup on Friday.


Oh yum! I LOOOOOVE pesto in all its forms too! I literally have to plead my butcher at home to bring it in (don't ask... I think it's because of the refrigerated display case that's mostly for meat) or buy lots to freeze just so I can have some during the year. Not that it's a shared love. The Frog, alas, doesn't hate it but certainly sees it as a once a year thing. Oh well, all the more for me *s*


héhé i have almost the same picture here: http://leonine194.canalblog.com/archives/2007/05/13/4935725.html#comments

kross-eyed kitty

Thank you! I will most definately try this.
BTW: I'm growing my very own onions this year to make onion jam (your receipe!)

Nora B

Low-fat pesto, wow this is great! We don't have part skim ricotta, so I'll use half regular and half low fat ricotta. Thanks for the recipe.


This low fat recipe is a great addition to Pesto Pasta nights. Love the low fat aspect...but terrific flavours as well!!!!Can't wait to dig in!!!


Wow! That's very cool. I love pesto too but with all the fat I rarely make it. your recipe looks really yummy.


Hello there...

thanks for the clarification - I ended up using whole milk ricotta because that' what I had in my fridge

I loved it! Excellent dish, so easy and tasty - best part is that hubby and my stepsons loved it too

thank you - I have a tiny amount of leftovers that will be my lunch soon...

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