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July 17, 2007



That is a colorful looking dish! Yummy!


I'll bet the chili pepper gives this a nice little kick -- I might have to add a bit more of that!


I'll bet the chili pepper gives this a nice little kick -- I might have to add a bit more of that!


BEautiful and good for you. THat's a winning combo.


BEAUTIFUL! Can't beat fresh tomato and basil!

Patricia Scarpin

I cook something similar sometimes at home, Sher, and it's always a hit!
Nothing beats good pasta with fresh ingredients.


Yum! I don't think I can wait one more month for my tomatoes to make this!


Garlic and olive oil is all you need...toss in the fresh tomato and basil - perfect. Actually, I stop right there and eat it as a salad - but it would be good on pasta.. ;-)
Make room in that gutter, would you?


I think I need that 12-step program, too. My all-time fave is tomato, cheddar and mayo on whole-wheat, maybe with some fresh basil if I'm feeling fancy.
I also make that pasta dish but I usually let the tomato-garlic-basil-olive oil mixture sit for an hour or two to blend the flavors.


I see nothing wrong with constant tomato sandwich (thickly slopped with mayo of course) consumption, especially if punctuated with this pasta dish from time to time.


Sher, I believe you, that pasta sounds wonderful. I love the fresh, clean flavours. And it's so quick too. When I buy organic tomatoes (which costs so much more than regular), I try not to cook them, so a recipe like this would be perfect.


Lovely. Lovely! I just have to make this when summer comes!


Just the perfect dish - perfect ingredients and perfectly simple. Thanks so much for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

This will be the dish I make when my Honey is not eating at home - tomatoes are NOT his fave food!


I shall now start a search for basil here. It's got to be in some supermarket! Than I shall make this. Do you think a little parmesean would be alright?


I love that name..any particular reason behind it ? The recipe sounds delightfully light nad fresh

Susan from Food Blogga

Summertime tomatoes+ basil+ pasta= very happy me.:)


A nice colorful dish! I love that neat-looking picture!


so simple, it's perfect! thank you for sharing.

almost vegetarian

Now that looks so refreshing. Just the thing to beat the heat we've been having. Well, that and a nice shot of iced vodka.



This is one of my favorite summer meals -- fresh, light, delicious -- I could eat this every day. Your picture perfectly captures it.


Yum, yum, yum! That is summer in a bowl.

Clintonville Big Momma

I'm going to make this tonight, using some of the heirloom tomoatoes that I have on hand. They are the most beautiful tomatoes, in red, yellow and purple. It might be too pretty to eat! Thanks for sharing.

Steamy Kitchen

now thats summer in a bowl!


Looks Lovely, x


This a great tasty looking dish!

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