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July 08, 2007



Great Round Up Upsie!
and lots of nice kitties too!

The Cooking Ninja

All of them are simply too cute and adorable. :)


what a wonerful show
glad you enjoy the movie

Bonnie from Virginia

Dear Upsie and Sher,
What a wonderful round-up. You did an excellent job and had a lot of pictures and write-ups. Thank you for all your hard work. Still a scorcher here in the East. Even the house cats are hot. Stay cool. Sounds like going to the movie is the right thing to do. So glad you loved Ratatouille.


What a huge round-up and nice comments! Man, cats on parade, what could be better?

P.S. This is Sundance channeling through Lisa -- let me out!!!!!!


i really wanted to participate but just didn't have the time :( next time, i will for sure.


Sweet round up Sher. I wish my cats would hold still enough for me to photograph them. It'll never happen though.
I've been trying to email you at your Yahoo e-dress but it keeps getting returned to me.


Awesome round-up! I'm staying away from your Ratatouille post until I can see it myself.

Joy T.

Hi Upsie. Another great round up. Sure wish I owned a cat to be able to participate with everyone! Thought I would drop by and tell you I've given Sher and you an award on my blog :o)

Pia K

I agree with the above said about the loveliness of it all, of course:)

And just so you know, you've been tagged
feel free to participate:)


Great WCB roundup!!

taboo & whaleshaman

dear all...

a belated thank you for the wonderful round-up. it's a lot of fun to finally get here and see all the beautiful kitties.

and sher, you did a great job and it was very coooool.

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