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July 13, 2007



i love the velveteen rabbit too! i also anthropamorphize sp? everything. yum, stir fry looks awesome :)


I took ballet too, as an adult actually, but I certainly couldn't call myself a ballerina. It was fun though, and I always enjoyed going to the ballet after I had taken it myself. Fun learning more about you.


Ha! I do the same spider thing. At work, people know to come get me when they find a spider. On the downside, there was a day when somebody came to get me for a roach. Yuck!!

Onto tastier subjects, I love stir-fries, but Dave doesn't. I will continue to live vicariously through yours.


I do the spider thing too.


Thank god you rescued these veggies from utter despair and humiliation. They got transformed into something completely drool worthy. I think our environment likes it when we include the various elements within it, into our attention! Long live whimsy


Wow, that was fast! I took ballet a long while back, too. It was interesting reading your Meme, since I too feel remorse over wasting food. Mine stems more from the whole "There are starving children in Ethiopa" diatribe I always got from my mom for never finishing dinner, though.


Actually, I have an overwhelming urge to eat that stir fry!
You may come to my house and free all the spiders... I have an irrational fear of them. The only reason that I allow the centipedes to live is that they eat spiders.
Alright, I only allow them to live if mon mari's not around to dispatch them....


I also took ballet many, many moons ago but graceful, at that time, wasn't part of my vocabulary. Yoga worked, though, and I'm proud to say I can still balance several books on my head.
As to spiders, I'm with Katie. Mr CC has to remove them or I can't sleep. :)
Thanks for more insight into you!


Rudy and I do the spider thing too. She finds them and I save them.


Oh man, I am with you on the inanimate object thing. The Velveteen Rabbit nearly killed me! I chalk it up to a very active imagination. Your mannequin story is hilarious!

I played a violin too. I would love to take it up again, but it's been 25 years.

I don't care to kill spiders, but I won't touch them either. I just try to pretend I don't see them.


Love the mannequin!! I am the same way about truffles...I wish I had your problem with wine!


That's fabulous. I'm with you on the chocolates!


Love the Disney characterizations! I also like caramel centers too and never recovered from The Velveteen Rabbit. But someday we will have to throw some things away, gasp!


OMG - 1 and 2...i can totally relate. Wait...should I admit that?
If there is only one cup in the dishwasher, I have to get out another one and put it in there so it doesn't get lonely...that kind of thing.
I know, I'm insane.


OMG your chicken stir fry is making me salivate! Yum!

You were a ballerina huh?? I used to dance a lot too, took a few years of dance myself. I'm more of a hip hop/jazz girl myself. My daughter LOVES to dance too, and loves hip hop dance. :)


beautiful stir fry! i also make stir fry when i have "left over" veggies.

thanks for playing! you're 8 things are very interesting.


You didn't tag ME! (what's the deal?? - just kidding) Still, I'd like to respond to a few of your points:

Points 1 & 2 - I get the same sentimentality about unchosen Christmas Trees! I feel so sorry for them. I picture them all going to live with the Misfits in "Rudolph."

Point 8 - I'm with you again. At our recent July 4th family gathering, I was going through the food line and there was a big bag of sandwich buns under the buffet table with some ants milling close by. My Aunt was instructing me to "Kill! Kill!" I wouldn't do it. Zen has truly transformed me; I've become the proverbial "wouldn't hurt a fly" guy. I truly believe in the circle of life, and that everything we do affects our Karma for better or worse. To my surprise and delight (and to my Aunt's perplexed chagrin), my cousins wouldn't kill any insects either - ha! Maybe humanity really is evolving toward enlightenment. Anyway, it's a nice thought. : )

I love your blog. : )

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