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June 10, 2007



Thanks for the quick pickles. The sandwich looks great, I think with "really" and "almost" pickles the taste must be great. My tarragon is recovering now.


I love to make quick pickles, and I have trouble growing dill in my garden. Tarragon, on the other hand, grows like crazy for me, so tarragon pickles sound like the perfect solution. Thanks for the recipe.


I think I told you I planted tarragon for the first time, after hearing you and others rave about the flavor of fresh tarragon. I have everything for the pickles, so I'm going to try making it with Splenda. So thanks for the recipe even though your own pickles are not yet realized!

What are Kirby cucumbers? Is that a variety of pickling cucumber?

Your sandwich is just awesome looking. My dad is a huge sandwich fan. He thinks everything tastes better on a sandwich!


quickles! mmmm, that sandwich....


Mmmmmh that sandwich looks very yummy! I'd like to have a bite or two.
Pickling cucumbers with tarragon is an interesting approach, I'd like to try this one.


Oh good, another pickle recipe for my repetoire - can't have too many and I love the quick ones. And I like the tarragon...

Butta Buns

The way the onion rings are arranged make it look like a beautiful piece of art!

LOL at Aria's 'quickles'.

taboo & whaleshaman

well, that's it then, the sopranos has ended here on the east coast.

sher, any a'dose ciabatta sandwiches left?

watching it has left us with an appetite you could drive an suv through!

have a nice evening...purrs & scritches for upsie & sunshine boy.


Hmmm... I've never had fresh tarragon! You may have another convert.


OH, I'm already a fan of tarragon, I grow it every year. I must make these pickles! Thanks.

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