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June 22, 2007



Yay! Much hand clapping on this end! It really did do okay, didn't it? It's just a tiny bit smooshed but not bad. Sooo glad you enjoyed it. Your vote counts more than most people's because I know you used to make scratch cakes with your mom too as a kid.

You are so welcome. Cake of the Month club...now THERE'S an idea...!


it's very beautiful. enjoy, you deserve it!


Ohh I love how it is "bulging" with sweet decadence. Can I sign up for cake of the month too?


ummm, yummy cake! now i just need to get her to send me one overnight! :)


I loved this little exchange! How fun! I love your recipes and food combinations...I myself love to cook but wouldn't necessarily consider myself a "foodie". If you want another recipe for your pasta nights, email me and I'll hand them over!

Pasta Carbonara and a friend's called "summer delight"


Very fun. That Glenna is a talented woman. I don't think I've ever made a cake from scratch, and not even that many from a mix either!

Eat as much cake as you want! You deserve it.


Lucky you -- such a delicious cake and a surprise gift! The decorations are so festive and summery. I've never worked with fondant -- too intimidated! -- so I am super-impressed with this cake.


I am so all about white cake! That looks delicious, and you are one lucky gal for being on the receiving end of it!


And you waited a WHOLE day? You are good!
That looks fantastic! I assume it's gone....


Beautiful! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!


I can't believe the cake arrived in one piece, it looks great!


Awesome! So glad you got the cake!

Patricia Scarpin

What a sweet gesture, Sher! Really adorable of her to do it and the cake looks so delicious!

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