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June 30, 2007


Joy T.

Well darn it Sundance, what are we going to do with you already?! What a patient kitty you are Upsie to have all those rose petals on you. I can tell by the look you are loving it LOL As for the squirrels, I hope little KD calms down and gets used to her new home. Poor little girl.


Seems to me Upsie, it's the rose petals wash out not you! Can't you get anything through to Sundance? Poor thing.
That is one heck of a cage!


Upsie looks so sweet on that last pictures! A very beautiful portrait!
Sundance, please learn not to act so hinky! Damn, try not to lose such an opportunity...

That cage is big...


Upsie the yellow petals match your beautiful eyes! we think this is just perfect.
Sundance is such a Peter Pan isn't he?
We hope the squirrel girl will overcome her fear soon, poor little darling!

purrs & snuggles to you all and headbumpies for sher


hahah it looks like upsie has a rain cloud of petals always falling upon her :)

wow that cage is enormous, poor kd it must be so scary...

Bonnie from Virginia

Love the rose petals and the photos of Upsie and Sundance. I hope the little female squirrel, KD, will adjust and become less scared as soon as possible. Looks like a very nice enclosure.


Upsie darling, the rose petals do look washed out and definitely not your colour. Sorry to hear abt Sundance getting his going out rights revoked and I hope the squirrel adjusts to their huge cage.


Upsie, you must realize any color is good on you. Good luck to the squirrels! Meow! And Sundance is getting really big!


Upsie, you look gorgeous in any color. What a beauty!

And Sundance cracks me up! He looks like such a playful little kid!

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

I love that outdoor photo of both Upsie and Sundance. Such contrast.


Upsie, all colors flatter you, so I wouldn't worry. And you'll always be the queen of the outdoors. Poor Sundance. Freedom is wasted on the young, isn't it?


I fully expect Upsie to be wearing a rose in her fur next time, Sher!


Oh, Upsie you look beautiful, even in yellow. And Sundance, hope that the outside gets better for you!


Upsie, I love your petal strewn fur! What was Sundance doing? He's never going to get this right. So sorry KD is having a hard time.


Poor little Sundance! He's a Kid, all right. And I love Upsie adorned with rose petals. It's only fitting!


I dunno about that Sundance! He needs to settle down and enjoy all the good stuff about being outdoors...like rose petals, bugs in the garden and leaves skittering across the grass.


LOL. Sundance and I are kindreds. Give us a chance at something good and we eff it all up.

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