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June 16, 2007



I always let the mint run rampant in my garden; I've put it in an end of the garden that has plenty of room to spare, and I love harvesting by picking it out from among other plants. I saw this recipe in F&W also; glad you've tried it. It's on my list!


I've recently moved my own mint into a contained flower bed where it will have to behave itself! But truly, you can never have too much mint can you? I love the sound of this, and cilantro and mint both! Totally yummy. I don't have any of that Srirachi sauce, but I like it and I need to make a trip to the Asian market soon, so it sounds like I better get some. (Or I will use my beloved green Tabasco, which isn't Asian, but I bet it would work.)


Wow, this sounds really refreshing and light. The only thing I'd be iffy on was the pb sauce...LOL. Then again, I am not a fan of Chicken Satay! LOL!


Oh Sher, I can eat this type of salad everyday, too! I actually think using tahini is somewhat better than peanut butter (and healthier, too!). Thanks for another wonderful recipe!


That is such a beautiful photo. This looks like it would be full of flavor! My kind of slaw, for sure!


Oooooh Good! Another great cabbage recipe!
I love the idea of Asian flavors with cabbage... Although I'll probably use parsley and slightly less heat ;-)
And it looks pretty, too!



That sounds fantastic! Thank you for yet another delish meal idea and lovely pictures.



It smells so nice when you brush up against mint, or step on it. That's why I don't mind letting it run amuck.


You might be able to find the Srirachi sauce in the grocery store. The brand that has a big rooster on it seems to be suddenly popular. But, green Tabasco (or regular Tabasco too) would work nice too.


The tahini was very good, so if you don't like PB, I'd use it! :)


Yes, I could eat this everyday too. I just love fish sauce with lime juice. Wonderful!!!!


It was certainly full of flavor and very refreshing.


Cabbage is wonderful with Asian flavors. And in this heat, it's the perfect choice.


Thank you!! Glad you liked the look of it!


sher, i meant to to tell you you got me thinking of tomatos so i was going to do a mozzerella/basil caprese thing and i had the most delicious tomato heirloom of some kind and the lady told me it was 10$!!!!

my dreams were dashed, who would pay 10 dollars for a tomato!?!?!?


Fantastic salad Sher!


That is absolutely gorgeous!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

This looks great, I always like that asian peanutty flavor. I will have to give it a try.
Have you got your centerpiece this month?


Great photograph. I like how vibrantly colored the salad is. It sounds delicious and even good for you.

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