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June 07, 2007



I love orzo - and this looks really good!
My mother is much the same - asking me why I always put so much of the green stuff (herbs) in everything.... She firmly believes that paprika has no taste (hers is so old it doesn't) and is just for 'color'.


Tonight's dinner! I was just wondering what to make, too. Sher to the rescue, AGAIN!


Gorgeous! You cracked me up when you took the cookbook out of her hands. That's perfect! I have to remember that the next time I'm cooking for someone, like my husband, who's a little more to the conservative food side. Cute story.


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My MIL is the same. We had some thinly sliced buffalo left over from a BBQ so I made this buffalo stroganoff with it..over noodles. She wouldn't eat it when she found out it was buffalo..and it was delicious. I thought it was a very simple recipe.

I think it is great that Bunty (love that name) loved your shrimp dish.


Oh that looks yummy...If your MIL doesn't like it, I'll come over for dinner!


Sher, whenever I come to your blog, I have a delicious idea for dinner. This is no exception. I'll make it very soon.


yum, i love pasta with peas so much. i always forget to cook pasta in the summertime. this looks delicious, i would just use scallops instead since i'm allergic to shrimps...


This looks just delicious, Sher. Shrimp and orzo or two of my favorite ingredients!


I never understood why Italians have a prohibition against cheese with seafood -- I love the combination, especially with a sharp cheese like feta, and I'm glad to see that you love it, too.


Ah, yes,I have the same problem with my Dad.He doesn't like to try unfamiliar foods either. He'sgetting better though. I'm glad you've managed to (at least partially) convert Bunty.


Haha! I have to tell my husband that dinner is a surprise on many occasions! He always likes it, but if he were to hear the ingredients before hand, he would veto. I love that you took the cookbook out of her hands!


How great that you introduced some new food combos to Bunty! This looks great, like a pasta-cized paella. I love shrimp too, especially non rubbery ones.


Looks fantastic. Anything with shrimp!


Thats a lovely recipe, am sure your Ma-in-Law liked it. But I am surprised that she doesn't even use Garlic in her cooking !!! Does traditional American food not have garlic ?


It does in my house, Sandeepa!

This recipe looks really good, Sher.

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