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June 21, 2007



Love the post and it's funny because a number of people (including me) used gemelli this week for Presto Pasta Night.

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. It looks great.


Mmmmm...tuna, pine nuts, capers...what could be better? Sounds fantastic. I'm one of those people, too, who dinner to be easy now and then.


Yummy, yummy!

I think this summer is a "quick and easy" dinner season. I just can't stand the thought of cooking elaborate things more than about once every couple of weeks.


That really does look good.

But I still want to hear about the cake.


This looks fantastic. Especially for a hot summer night.


Tuna pasta with pine nuts and capers - Wonderful, quick pantry food - I love the 'sludge'


This pasta has me drooling. I also adore gemelli. This looks so very tasty, and quick, too.

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