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June 28, 2007



Wow, it's a beautiful dish and what great photos. I can imagine this tastes heavenly. There is cream. There are tomatoes. There is basil. There is parmesan cheese. How could this possibly not taste fantastic?


So simple, yet looks so delicious. Even though I'm totally stuffed from dinner (black bean quesadillas) I want some!


Absolutely gorgeous! I might go overboard and add a few little cubes of fresh mozzarella, too. If cheese is good, isn't more cheese better?!


The pasta looks lovely and certainly says "summer" like nothing else. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night.


Sher this looks so delicious that I'm going to try and adapt this for my microwave cooking I am doing during the week. What a great entry for PPN.


yummy! i'll be right over.

what, you didn't save any????



I love simple pasta dishes like this in summer. When the tomatoes are fresh, not much more is needed but you can't go wrong with a dollop of cream and some basil...


Oh my I'm just imagining this with fresh angel hair pasta too. I also had a memory of a dish like this so shockingly simple and incredibly good. I forgot all about it, now I'll have to hunt down some good tomatoes.

Boston Chef

Whenever you're stuck for a quick dinner or snack - saute something and toss it with a little boiled pasta! Any combinatoin of mushrooms, shallots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, olives, peppers, celery.. maybe a little leftover cooked chicken or ground beef or even anchovies - you really can't go wrong. This dish looks wonderful and is certainly timeless! The perfect post!


Oh yes, another one to tag and I am making this ASAP. How I love pasta with fresh tomatoes; you can never have too many variations.


That has got to be the perfect dish for summer if there ever was one. Yum!


First time visit to your blog, impressive! A wonderful dish, I've made this with some ricotta, simple & tasty.


hiya - i made this tonight but i think my fancy organic farmers market cream was too thin. or something. the flavor was lovely though. thank you!


Do you think you could add a splash of white wine to this dish?

Bonnie Brown

this looks exactely like the one you can get at cimo grill in Prince George British Columbia. Try adding some shrimp...most delicous


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