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June 21, 2007



I said I wouldn't tell but now you've found it . . . I think I'd be suffering massive Impatience. Hooray... Yeap I think you'd be right in the middle of that jam when the cake arrives!


Wow what a happy and delightful surprise! Such a nice reminder to stop and do something unexpected for another. Big hug to you Sher and Happy Solstice!


What a gorgeous cake! And how sweet of her to send it to you. Yep - jam-making duty for you, missy.


I was wondering how long before you found it! What a wonderful surprise. I hope it cheers you up at least a little to know you have such a great friend! And a bit of cake can't hurt either!


Ooooh, this is such fun! I read your post, then Glenna's, now back here to find out how the story ends! How lucky you are to have such a good friend.


Wow what neat cake! So cute and spring like and fun!


When life get you down, eat cake! Even better, eat cake that a loving friend has made for you then shipped halfway across the country! That's love! You are loved, Sher.


What a great friend! I hope it arrives soon and that you will feel happier again!



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