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June 05, 2007



The waffles look fantastic and I dearly love waffles of any sort...
But my eye is really drawn to those wonderful fresh berries.

Butta Buns

Oh wow! After grabbing on the go foods every morning, I forgot how good breakfast can be.


Holy catz...what an inspired idea! Still needs syrup though ;)


I love strata, but this... what a clever idea and delicious! Have fun entertaining.


It's photos like this that make me seriously think of abandoning my diet forever!


This looks delicious...would love it


That looks fantastic! I bet I could easily eat 2 servings of these without batting a eyelash!


Seriously - that looks DELICIOUS! I am for sure going to make it the next time I have access to those ingredients and an oven! Yummification, Sher!


Anthony makes a puffy cheese bake which is similar to this but with bread. I've done it with croissants too, but the waffles are the living end. I shared your post around to friends and family because I know at least siz people who'll want to make it after seeing yours! Thank you!


That looks deliciously wonderful! Very interesting too!

the chocolate lady (eve)

And I just learned that the word "gopher" is related to "waffle"!


At first it didn't sound too good, but the more I looked at it and read your description...sounded pretty darn good! I wish I had your cooking talents. Then again...I probably wouldn't stop eating!


This dish sounds amazing. I love my breakfast foods to intermingle as much as possible, but strangely find the same intermingling a turn off with foods outside the breakfast realm. I'm bookmarking this recipe now. Your stomach monster calming down?


I'm coming to your house for breakfast! Like you, at first I thought it sounded a little heavy, maybe, or odd, but the finished product looks divine. I'll be stealing this next time I have company. Yum!

Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, my husband would love this, Sher! Excellent entry!


Mmmm, maple syrup, waffles and sausage...you can't go wrong.

Ming the Merciless

OMG, that looks sooo good.


I am making this, for the first time, for a brunch/get-together tomorrow. I am so excited to have found this recipe! I will post my reviews/results tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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