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June 02, 2007



Oh Sundance, I'm sorry you're beign jailed! You have such a sweet face! Those squirrels ARE rude! It was sweet of you to give Upsie a compliment. She does look nice!


By the way, Sher - I hope your stomach feels better soon! Maybe you should try the grass thing! Kamikaze recommends it, too!


hahaha, omg i'm cracking up at the squirrel and BUBBA, WHAT A MADHOUSE OVER THERE! oops didnt mean to yell, i'm just so undone over this post. heeeheeee :)


Sundance, the grass deal only works with cats! It doesn't tend to make humans do what cats do when they eat too much. Maybe Mom needs lots of probiotics? Know what those are?

I intercepted your mail to Amnesty....Mom's keeping you in for your own good; it's not punishment. Quit writing them, K? You got a good life now and you need to stop whining about it.


Oh poor Sundance...but it's for your own good! You'll be outta there in no time! In the meanwhile, relax!


Sundance, you poor thing. I'm going to write Governor Arnold on your behalf. Believe me, you have a better chance at getting pardoned than that nasty Paris Hilton who's a bad influence on young girls and younger squirrels.


Oh poor imprisoned Sundance. It could be worse. You could be in a cage like the disgruntled squirrels.

Tell your mom I hope she feels better soon!


Oh my God Sundance... those squirrels may be cute but they sure are rude!!! I have to comb out Boots this weekend... he's starting to look quite rastafarian! I think it's the heat.


Sundance, you take the cake! You get more handsome every week. And Upsie, you look so pretty with your nicely brushed fur.

Sher, sorry to hear about your stomach problems. I hope it gets resolved soon and you feel better!


I'm sorry to hear that your stomach is still troubling you!

Poor little Sundance ;-P! He is a very regal cat. I love his beautiful coat and face!

The squirrels are hilariously cute ;-P!

Upsie you are a real beauty! Your face expression reminds me of Maruschka when she's food-obssessed, hehe...


Sundance you are a scamp!
And, yes, I think that squirrel is giving you the finger. Cheeky beggers, I'd say.


Sundance, you are just SO CUTE! I think you have it pretty good with your own cozy place to sleep.

And Upsie, you look so lovely after being combed.

Squirrels, I would have to say that you might want to re-think becoming a hand model with that type of finger.


momma made "Awwww" when she saw Sundance's pic she thinks he is sooo cute.
Upsie is as adorable as always and wes thinks those squirrels are quite naughty *hehe*

Kashim & Othello

you had me gigling all over while reading this post. ;o)
I hope you are feeling better?

Joy T.

Aww poor mom. She's probably got a hairball that needs dealing with. Hopefully she'll take your advice on the grass thing. Upsie looks real happy about being combed. Kinda like 'what the heck is going on?' look. As for you Sundance you are all male and those who love you know it. Although I'm sure Grandma Bunty loves you to bits too but you know. She's old. So suck it up, put a bow in your hair and just keep telling yourself Grandma Bunty has to go home eventually.


Sundance is super cute!

Amar and Luna

Being indoors isn't so bad, Sundance. Lots of great windows to look out of, and comfy places to cuddle and stuff.

kross-eyed kitty

Beautiful Sundance,
Thanks for the update on your menagerie!


Sundance, you poor thing to be all locked up when Upsie is out prancing away. Wow, guess Paris is a bad influence to squirrels even with her jailhouse antics.


Sundance is once again my computer background! He is SO CUTE. I'm having kind of a bad day; it's very nice to have a lovely orange kitty with long arms come to the rescue. The squirrels help too, even if they're being vulgar.

Kelly Cat

That squirrel's got a lot of nerve. Yeah, behind those bars he's got all kind of courage. Take him out of there and let him have a one-to-one talk with Sundance, and we'll see how many times he flips him off...


taboo & whaleshaman

boy, even with upsie sorta looking like she's protesting -- your kitties look like they really love you guys. sunshine is growing more beautiful as the weeks go flying by.

though, we have to say it is so disheartening to pop in and find sher still a little under the weather with her tums.

maybe it's stress -- it's not easy day & night to care so lovingly for critters who then ungratefully flip you off!

seriously -- they look like they're ready for freedom any day now. even if they don't look back with nary a nod of thanks -- typical teens off to see the world.

feel better and scritch the kitties under the chin for us.


is there a way to search your blog ? I am looking for a recipe for marinade for grilling fish. I know you had some fantastic baked salmon recipes. Was wondering if that would work on the grill too


Isn't it funny when your cat follows something around the room with its eyes, not a fly either, which you can't see! They can see, hear and smell about a thousand times better, so no telling what plane of existance they are watching!!

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