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June 27, 2007



How cool that your post is up too. You gotta love blogging in the middle of the night.

Your bagels are NOT too brown. They're perfect. Totally. Mine look like convoluted sphincters.

But it was fun, wasn't it?


LOL! Trying to shape bagels with a leg cramp must've been quite a sight. And your bagels are the perfect shade of brown.

baking soda

LOL, you could have joined us in our little dances with that cramp. The bagels looks so smooth... I see smooth bagels everywhere, why did ours come up like li'l old men?


Aww these look lovely! They are so perfect. Nice going!


your bagels look just perfekt. we have then in Vienna too and I truly love them. But I did not make some of my own so far.


Your bagels look perfect -- must have been the awful leg cramp technique that helped them along!!! But so unfair to add that photo of the bagel with salmon. Now I am hungry!


I love the the color of your bagels and they smooth and shiny... they are beautiful :)

Amanda @ Little Foodies

Your bagels look perfect not too brown at all and doing them with arthritis in your hands and then cramp in your legs - I'm impressed even more! You could invent a new dance - the bagel bellydance perhaps??


Oh Sher, I adore your bagels!!!! You are such a good baker. Seriously, you need to show us more of your baking talents!

Nancy Warden

Your bagels look delicious and beautiful. You have real talent.


Wow, your bagels look wonderful! And that sandwich is just too awesome!!!
I love this speciality (see my blog)...


Your bagels are absolutely perfect! You should be very proud of yourself, in spite of the agony!


Absolutely perfect! Sorry about the cramp and pain but it is completely worth it seeing the pics!


omg WOW! i love seeing what you daring bakers make each time but this takes the kcakes, harhar! so they ARE boilded, i always wondered about that. these look perfect sher, you made BAGELS!!! woooot!



Those look awesome! Better than some store bought ones I've seen. You are so cool, I love all your recipes, it makes me sad when I can't try them all. On a seperate note - I recently started food blogging, how did you get invited to participate in all these "groups"?


Sher, the bagels are sheer perfection! I'm sorry about your painful baking but boy did you get a great result anyway! I don't dare to think of what they would have looked like if you had felt OK!!


Your cramp sounds awful, my Mum says it's lack of salt that causes it, I'd have given up with the bagels in the face of that!

Your bagels look fabulous, really professional :)Well done.

Patricia Scarpin

These are some fantastic bagels, Sher! You've really put the standard really high.
I'm sorry to hear about your cramps - months ago, when I was taking Pilates classes, I had terrible cramps that hurt like hell.

You are a fighter!


Sher...OUCH!! I would have invented BAD WORDS. Most excellent bagels. Those look (and I"m sure tasted) as good as anything I could find in NYC (or Boston). Great job!


I wonder if a leg cramp is necessary to get a smooth bagel Sher? So sorry about the pain and agony.
Your bagels are fabulous! Way to go.


I want to lick the screen. Then bite it. Rock on!


Hi Sher - I'm sorry you had to experience such pain during your bagel-making process. But regardless, your turned out amazingly... and not too brown! I wish mine had gotten a bit more colour!


Seeing all of these bagels is really making me hungry for them... And, as I can't get them here now I'm going to have to make some...
Cream cheese and smoked salmon - bagel heaven!


Aw sorry it was such an event for bagel making, but they sure do look like great bagels!


Wow these are so professional looking. I am sorry to say that I was laughing at the thought of you trying to get relief from your charlie horse- all the while kneading your bagels. You are clearly a daring bagel.


er baker. A daring baker!


I've made bagels before, but yours are freakin' awesome. I daresay you have a calling.


Your bagels look wonderful, too~all of you should open a bagelemporium~


For someone in pain I'm completely amazed at your end product. Those are just so awesome (and love your sandwich -- yum!) Hope next time you go make these you can do it cramp free.


OMG just reading that has made my left calf start to seize!! Worst pain there is - charley horses! And who the F was charley and why did they name that kind of pain after his horses for crissakes???

YOU are my HERO.. to go on and keep baking while dealing with the worst pain there is PLUS the 2nd worst pain there is - toe cramps! Holy hell, Sherry.. I would have hit the floor in the fetal position, stuck my thumb in my mouth and cried for my mommie. There would have been no gorgeous bagels being made. And they are gorgeous!

I do not like smoked salmon (probably because I've never had a good smoked salmon) but your lil sandwich has my mouth watering.. YUM!

Way to go.. you are definitely one of the most Daring of the Daring Bakers! =)


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