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May 13, 2007



I can't leave a long comment, I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.


This is ultimate goodness! Beautiful also!


Wow, that cake looks wonderful! I've bookmarked your recipe and will test it very soon...


Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy :) Feel free to visit my blog too :)

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Click here for jeenas food recipe blog :-)


mmmmm....I have fresh blueberries in the fridge...I'm thinking I have to make some of this! Looks delicious!


It does sound wonderful. Makes me remember how we always had strawberry shortcake for Mother's Day when I was a kid.


Oooh I don't know about herbs but this looks amazing!


That looks like a great Mother's Day breakfast dish! (you know what they say, eat dessert first....)


Oh my! I have to try this. You know last year I became obsessed with finding recipes for berry coffeecakes. It's gorgeous!

Butta Buns

You did a great job, my fiendish friend! The pictures really do give it justice, I hope everybody reading our blogs makes this cake.
It's too darn good not to share!!!!

PS The pyschic vibes must have been high last night because while you were making this, I was cooking your ricotta meatball recipe. Dangerously addictive stuff!


I'm not a HUGE coffeecake lover - they are good, don't get me wrong.. I just rarely think about making one. Until now. I will make this.. Oh yesssss I will.

It's GORGEOUS, Sher!



Oh wow - I just bought some strawberries and was thinking of how I was going to use them - I think I have decided!!


ooh! I love it! I love when a recipe can be modified to suit the fruit that is in season. I can't wait to make this!


This looks great, and you're right, it looks like it could easily be adapted for other fruits.

OK, it's definitely on my list of things to bake.


This one is a keeper! I want to try this someday, it looks absolutely fabulous!


This is gorgeous! I love strawberries. I'll bake this one for sure!
Thanks for sharing :)


That looks devine. I have a brunch next Sunday, perhaps I shall make these.

Patricia Scarpin

I'm so glad we are about to have strawberries here! Sher , this is magnificent, I'm tagging it right now!


mmm... I love coffee cake (and strawberries) so I'm totally trying this recipe soon.


This looks amazing!!! I'll be adding it to my strawberry recipe round-up this week :-)


I adore coffee cake plain, but with strawberries.... truly delightful. I'll take a slice with my afternoon cuppa, please.


I am going to make this. I'm just not sure exactly when. But, sometime this summer especially before baby #2 is born "lol". It looks soooo good. I'm wondering if I can use the powdered sugar instead of the granula sugar. I'm more into cooking than baking so I don't know if you can do stuff like that.


Can't believe I missed this one, but glad I found the recipe. Looks divine!


This looks absolutely delicious. I'm not the biggest fan of coffecake, and have never made one before. But I think I will definitely have to give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing.


I'm thinking of making it for company brunch tomorrow. It sure looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Stacey Huston

This looks wonderful.
I have some strawberries that I need to use up.. so now I don't have to decide what to make for breakfast tomorrow.. thanks so much for sharing.!!


This looks so yummy, I am making it now, can't wait for it to come out of the oven. I am sure it will be delicious.

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