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May 18, 2007



I love the way salmon goes so perfectly with thai flavours. I've always done it with milder sauces (like green curry or Tom Yum style things) but that's mostly because the bf is a bit sensitive to spice. I can imagine this bwing really good and I like the use of cabbage. I have some chinese cabbage waiting to be used now, so I'll keep that salad in mind.


What an absolutely gorgeous dish. And it looks so delicious too. I know I've said it before, but you really take beautiful pictures.


Ah, Sher you have my healthy heart with this one! This looks so very good. Great photo!


Sher, this is lovely! You are surely one of the best home cooks I have known! :)


I'm delighted, this is my kind of meal! Assertive flavor, great texture and healthy.


I've still never had a proper curry, but every week, I swear, you make me come closer. If only Dave liked such spices.

Someday, me chikee, some day.

It really sounds good.


How amazing this looks, and of course I am totally with you on the cilantro. I will check out that book and am saving this recipe right now. And I do think Anh is right, you're a fabulous cook, no doubt about it.


Geez! This looks simply mouth-watering! Two thumbs up! :p


This looks absolutey delicious!
I didn't combine cabbage with salmon so far but I bet it tasted great.


The color of the salmon with the red curry sauce is absolutely beautiful. I have both in my fridge today, so guess what's for dinner? Thanks for the recipe.


I'd have to tone down the spice (I'm a scaredy cat) but other than that, this dish looks amazingly good. I've wanted to make salmon again in the worst way but haven't found a recipe that trips my trigger yet.. I have today though!



That looks fabulous. I love coconut-milky, curry things, and of course cilantro. I've never done salmon with a curry sauce, I must try that. Beautiful photos as usual! Makes one just want to dig in.


I love that Thai Red Curry Paste. Never paired with Salmon though. Shall try this


I love that Thai Red Curry Paste. Never paired with Salmon though. Shall try this


This looks so delicious. And the cabbage salad is the perfect accompaniment.


This looks and sounds so delicious! I just love what you do with salmon.


Red curry with salmon! The thought makes my mouth water. I would like to try this once Barrett is back from tour and in need of some home cooking!


Thank You SOOOO much. I made the curry sauce only and will be serving it tonight with some strips of boneless pork chops and shrimp as well as lightly cooked strips of different colored peppers all over rice. Although I wish I bought hotter curry paste, this is the first time I was able to replicate a very similiar dish that I have in TAI restaurants sometimes. I haven't officially tried it yet, just quickly tasted the sauce. I made the sauce early and tonight will make everything else and reheat the sauce and EAT. I just KNOW it is going to turn out FABULOUS.

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