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May 04, 2007



Wow, the bread is beautiful. Also, hummus is one of my absolute favorites, so you already had my interest as soon as you mentioned it. I realized my dill must have died over the winter, and I didn't plant any. It doesn't grow all that well here, compared to a lot of herbs. (And I've already planted way too many things, so maybe next year for the dill.)


I'm drooling. That looks delish!


Beautiful loaves! I don't have much luck growing dill, either. I put some in the garden every years, but it either keels over from complete boredom, or bolts before I can get to it. Will have to buy some to try this bread.


The bread looks lovely, and I lookeed really really close, and I think I saw flecks of the dill. Dill does go a long way, and I bet the bread was awesome.


Sher, this looks absolutely amazing!!! I did plant some dill a few months ago but the possum ate all of it. So now I am back to buying dill :(. Will defenitely give this recipe a try.


Sher!!! Your loaves look absolutely wonderful! I made some bread rolls using dill too, with cream cheese and onions too. I agree, the aroma from the dill-onions drove me totally nuts!


mmmmmmh, this looks so yummy :o)
and the bread loaves look perfect!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I've got my dill planted, I will be out snipping soon.


I love this bread. I make a similar recipe. This reminds me that I need to make it!


That bread looks amazing! I've never had a dill bread before, but I know I'd love it!

And that sammich you made with it? All I can say is.. might you have a napkin that I could use to wipe my chin with?




Oh man, that looks so yummy! Now I want to make bread today. Really beautiful.


They haven't developed a fresh-baked bread room deodorant because we would never leave the house. I know I wouldn't leave until every last crumb of that was eaten.


You're bread looks and sounds marvelous.... but it reminds me of an old joke from when I was in college (and they're were still 7 words one couldn't say on radio ofr TV) What kind of dough do you use to make dill bread? Dilldough!


wooooooooooooo... Since I discovered my inner baker I've been looking for a dilly bread to make. This one definitely gets added to the horse race. Thanks Sher!

Patricia Scarpin

OMG, Sher! Look at the size of that dough! I'm in awe!

I'm tagging this recipe right now - it looks so great I can't miss it!


That must have been amazing! I'll bet it would also make great croutons, or bread to go along with soup.

Not that I'm knocking those sandwiches!


Hi, looks really delicious! What type of flour did you use in this recipe, all purpose or bread flour or? Would love to try it if I can get my hands on some fresh dill, yum :)


Hi, this looks great but your directions don't include the cottage cheese. It is listed in the ingredients but not in the directions. I just tried another cottage cheese bread recipe because I have a tub of it to use up and it called for 1 cup and a little smaller portion of water and about 1/3 the water. Needless to say, that dough was very stiff. So I tossed it and am in the middle of making this one which sounds great but no cottage cheese in the directions. I'll go with my baking-know-how and add it in with the wet ingredients. But just out of curiosity... where was I supposed to incorporate it? Thanks!!! :)


Apologies. I was quick to jump to conclusions. I found it underneath the pictures just not in the final summary recipe (perhaps you could add). Well, at least that confirmed my hunch to add it in with the wet... I'll be sure to post final results!


Where ever you are Sherry...this is an awesome recipe...I came across your blog today, tried making this bread and the results were warm and delicious. I hope you are reading this from heaven...thank you!

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