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May 19, 2007



Oh, Upsie -- in all your glory! The squirrels eating those cherries is priceless. They're too cute! Upsie -- I'm just saying.


Geeesh you alreadyhav CHERRIES?? Mommy does nearly everything for them... besides strawberries of course.
Neither of us likes hem, we`d prefer meatballs and tuna like you do upsie.

The squirrels are hilarious. You have a very good heart for stepping in for the squirrels even though you don`t like them...

Sundance is a little brat for running over you all the time, even though mommy always says hes`s sucha sweetie... well...

hugs`n`kisses to you and thanks for
joining in :o)
Kashim & Othello

Rudy and Lianne

You are even more sagacious and beautiful than usual.


Upsie seems to be fed up with Sundance's behaviour and her burning eyes speak for themselves!!!

Wow, you have cherry trees in your garden? How lucky..

The squirrels are damn cute! So sweet that I'd love to hop into an aeroplane in order to give them a kiss!


I like looking at those silly squirrels!


Aww what cute little squirrels! And those cherries look delicious! I'm sure the squirrels are loving living outside in the fresh air and sunshine! :D


Mmmmm cherries! Please make me something with cherries and mail it to me. Thanks! Sundance is so smart - thinking about so many things! I love to see her scary tomato worm crushing paws poking out from under all her fluff. She should try smashing Sundance next time her runs her over! The squirrels are so cute!


Seriously,....I really love cherries.


Wonderful photos. You make it such fun!
How do you keep em off the cherries!! Cherries are for pies etc. !!!


Oh, lucky little squirrels, nibbling on fresh cherries. Our local cherries are still a month away, and I can't wait.

And Upsie, I'm sure that Sasha, Sergei and Lyra agree with you that a tuna tree is a great idea.


that pic of the quirrels eating cherries is out of control cute. upsie, you stll take the cake though, bravo!


The Squirrels are too cute! It looks like they really like the cherries.


Love the pic of the cherry tree! So beautiful. Boy, Upsie, your life is full of thinking: about those silly squirrels, the birds, the trees,Sundance, the Sopranos...well, the Sopranos...we'll find out to night if Mr. Walnuts lives or dies. I sure hope he doesn't make it to the end if Christopher had to go to the big salami in the sky. I'm just saying.


Those squirrels are too cute with their little cherry treat! Upsie looks pretty content in that bottom photo....even tho she has to deal with SO much!


Do you see all that green? That's me being jealous ;)

Pia K

Lovely entry and wonderful pics, those squirrels are just too cute! And yes of course, Upsie too:)

taboo & whaleshaman

this is so beautiful, thanks!

got any special recipes?

this clafouti looks pretty, and it has ginger, one of your favorite flavors!


thanks, sher.


You always make me laugh. Thank you Upsie!

Toby and Egbert

Wow! Cherries! Those look yummy! Not as yummy as the squirrels, though. Keep fattening them up and we'll stop on by. Almost like fruit dressing stuffed in turkey. Yum!

Joy T.

Upsie, next time Sundance is about to run right over top of you, I say hold up a garbage can lid or something equally as big. That should stop him and the problem will be solved.

The squirrels are as cute as ever and I'd sure settle for just one cherry. We don't get those here yet, and the cherries we do get are shipped in because we're too cold here to grow our own. That makes you lucky and me not so lucky.



Yes, you should see the squirrels after they finish eating the cherries and they mouths and front paws are stained with bright red juice. It's hilarious.

Kashim & Othello,

Yes, we are lucky to have them now--but soon they will be gone! But, of course tuna berries and meatball berries are much better. Sundance is now wrestling poor Upsei to the ground as well. That's very demeaning! Thanks for hosting this week! You both did a great job.

Rudy & Lianne,

Upsie says thank you so much! She thinks you are extremely sage and full of wisdom! :)


I have to admit that I kiss the squirrels on their heads. They are very cute--right now!


They are fun, aren't they? I go look at them when I feel sad. Bingo--I'm happy!


They are now loving living outside. The first day they thought it was awful. Now, they jump around inside the cage, like they are on trampolines!


I'm sending you an e-mail and will be arranging something for you!


Oh yes, cherries are for pies! And for human tummies. Squirrels only get a few because they get nasty diarrhea, if they eat too many! Ugh!


Frankly, who wouldn't want a tuna tree, as well as a cherry tree? I want one right now!


Yes, it's almost unfair for the squirrels to be that cute. It's like a Disney movie.


Oh, the squirrels are so in love with cherries they almost swoon when they see me coming to give them some.


Well, Upsie thinks Phil needs to go too. She can't figure out how everyone will get what's coming to them, with only 2 episodes left.


Yes, Upsie says she has a very stress filled life. And we haven't even talked about the pigeons!


Oh thank you! It is nice right now. Later in the summer--it will be so hot!

Pia K,

Thank you! I think the squirrels have the market cornered on cute. :):)

Taboo & Whaleshaman,

Thank you for that recipe. I think I may have to make it, now that it has me lusting after it! :):)


Well, Upsie lives to make people laugh! :):) So, she is very happy now.

Toby & Egbert,

Yes, the squirrels are getting quite fat. And on very nice food--cherries, pecans, walnuts, and rodent chow! Tasty! :):)

Joy T,

Do you get sweet or sour cherries there? I think sour cherries make the best pies--but we never see them here. I wish they would ship us some here!

OK, Upsie is out in the garage looking at the garbage lids!


Those squirrels are beyond cute. That picture where they are holding the cherries is ADORABLE.

Sorry, Upsie. I can't stop myself. Those squirrels are just too much.


Okay, those pictures of the squirrels and the cherries are possibly the cutest pictures I've ever seen. And Upsie, you're such an advocate for the "little guy." I knew you had a soft spot for those squirrels after all!


Strawberries, cherries, and lovely little furry beasties! What a perfect day. Upsie's coat is looking particularly nice- you must have remembered to comb him this time. ;)

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