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May 25, 2007



Sardine were something my dad was always bringing home from his flying trips. I think they were probably Air Force issue. But, I always loved them and forget to buy them mostly now. I'll have to try them in a salad.
Hope that tummy recovers soon!
What's a sardine???? cutie!


I like sardines a lot, so this sounds great to me, even with the asparagus. Sorry to hear you're feeling crummy. My dad and stepmom have both been sick for a week now with the stomach flu thing.


oh my gosh, upsie -- our moms must be psychic! it's the weekend cat TONGUE blogging!

see what she took of me:


hahahaha. hey, save some "tonnato" for me, or you'll find yourself in the pine barrens of joisey. my mom thinks bobby's up to something no good -- LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU, ANTHONY!

feel better soon, sher.


Looks good. I'll eat anything I'm given, so long as it's not from a bag of cat food....


Love this post Sher. Sardines are not what I look for when I'm feeling "peckish", but this could change all that.
Hope you're feeling better soon. There's a flu going around that got my husband one day and me the next. No fun.
BTW, Upsie looks fabulous! I always look forward to Fridays and seeing that adorable face.

Joy T.

Upsie your headshot looks smashing. So elegant. Hope the tonnato was good, it sure looks yummy. Give mom scritches under her chin and behind her ear and tell her to get better from me :o)


This spread looks very yummy and fresh!

Upsie is very sweet with her big pink tongue (i bet she enjoyed the fish...) and the squirrels are very cute, as usual.

I see that you also like "The Sopranos"? It's a great series, but I'll have to buy it as I missed many episodes...


I love this being a fan of sardines. Have you ever tried Michael Chiarello's tuna spread?


Oh this sounds so de-li-ci-ous. Upsie you'tr a real chef. We are loving sardines!!

Kashim & Othello


Oh that is so wonderful! Thanks for cooking for us and bringing it to WCB #103. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Boni Maroni and Mini


That certainly looks nice! I'm not a fan of sardines, so I'd probably moosh up some tuna chunks to use and that would taste just as good! I love the picture with the cute little tongue peeking out! :D

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

That looks yummy.
And it looks like you got your fur brushed quite nicely today, Upsie.

Victor Tabbycat

Oh, wow! I luv sardines! They haf that fishy taste! An I also luv tortillas, tho Mom won't let me haf much. I's gotta print this an try it myself. I mite efun share wif Bonnie, tho if it looks like bean food, she won't touch it. She don't know what she's missin!


That looks so tasty, thanks! I've never had sardine before so I'm lookin' forward to tryin' it!


I love sardines...mon mari tolerates them but I think he would like this!
BTW, do you take contracts on other cats?
We have one howling outside our bedroom every night, all night....


The squirrel is mighty fine. It is terrible when humans ruin purrfectly good sardines with those green things.


oh upsie thats such a cute little mental pictur you mixing up the tonnato! my monieson paulie, loose lips sink ships!


I've never had sardines. I like tuna though, so I'll have to try them. Maybe I can have the mombean get some when she goes food shopping.

Upsie, you look like you are enjoying the treat!


Upsie, most excellent you sophisticated cat you. Go education the squirrels, will ya? Did you make Sundance do the dishes?

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

That is too funny!
I posted my centerpiece~ how bout you?

Kelly Cat

Upsie, you don't look too contented in that photo. I understand -- people start with a great thing like sardines, and then they throw in stuff like asparagus and *ruin* it. Grumble, grumble...


My mom always ate sardine sandwiches. Over the years I have bought sardines but usually don't try them but this recipe sounds good! I will definitely send it to my mom! Upsie looks adorable as always and loved Glenna's question re: did Sundance do the dishes???
Hope your stomach feels better soon.


Ooh sardines! Upsie, you are quite the gourmet chef. How many more hidden talents do you have? Oh, and where is Sundance? I bet you banished him for biting your tail.


Get well soon Sher! That is such a great pix of Upsie and her tonnato. Such a smart kitty to make her own snack.


Even when your mom is sick, she hooks you up, doesn't she Upsie? Make sure you tell her all her blogging friends hope she's better soon!


Upsie, may I leave my shoes at your doorstep so you just dump that yummy asparagus into them... (gosh, could I let you see me licking my shoes...) and Sher, hope you feel better soon.


What a lucky cat!!


"Mash with your paw"...ROFL!!! Love it. HOpe you are having a great weekend!


Post is too good. I love Upsie's opinions. Spoiling her culinary vision, indeed!

The spread sounds delicious. I actually have a can of sardines I'd been thinking about eating plain, but now I have to make the spread, because the additions would make them oh so much better.


I missed WCB...gotta catch up! Sorry to hear about the stomach problems. I hope they resolve soon.

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