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May 05, 2007



upsie you look so adorable with bedhead! wow italian tuna, you are one lucky kitty, YUM!


Upsie you look perfect! Your fur is just adorable!
So Sundance managed toget in trouble again? *giggle*

have a nice weekend :o) - and maybe if you have any spare time - please go over to megan's and leave some hugs and purrs for TeaCup. He needs lots of positive thoughts ...


Oooh, Italian tuna! A great way to celebrate the centennial post!

I love the giant squirrel paws!


Upsie, you got Italian Tuna? You are lucky. My human doesn't even give me USA canned tuna, let alone the good stuff. I am glad that Sundance found his harness.


I don't know about that Sundance.... you sure he shouldn't be renamed Trubble??

Yum....wish I could have some of that tuna! Lucky cats!

Butta Buns

Combed or not, you look very dignified patiently waiting for your photo shoot to end so you can tuck into the tuna. Happy WCB to all the kitties!


Mmmmmm tuna! Lucky Upsie! Your mom says you're dieting these days and are really not pleased with your meager portions! Poor fluffy kitty! I never noticed Sundance's tail has a white tip. Cool! Ha - he's under house arrest again. Silly cat!


By the way Upsie, did you eat the green stuff too?

Joy T.

Poor Sundance, still hasn't found his common sense eh? As for you Upsie, you're looking marvellous. Congrats on the 100th post for WCB!


Wow, the 100th! I came looking for your kitties, and here they are. Poor Sundance, can't be trusted outside. Well, at least he got TUNA.


Don't worry, Upsie, you always look gorgeous whether you have been combed or not! A nice shot...
Hehe, cats slipping out of their harness, that sounds familiar to me!!! Sundance seems to have discovered the joys of freedom...
That squirrel is extreeeemely cute! I'd love to kiss and cuddle her.

Amar and Luna

Mmm, that tuna looks yummy. Enjoy your WCB100 treat!


Boots and Tess say: Oooh, tuna cake. Yummy!

D says: The cats getting away from the harness always scares me. So, today I went and bought one of those pet strollers... of course, now I have to get Boots and Tess into it. That may be quite a challenge!


Oh lucky cats with tuna. China Cat & Willow would both go crazy for that tuna.



Yes--she is lucky to get that tuna! Now I only have 2 cans left in my pantry! Horrors!


My heart goes out to Teacup. For some reason, I'm unable to leave a comment on his site. But, I will say a prayer for him. Thank you for letting us all know about this. It's such a hard thing when we see our kitties so sick.


Yes, those squirrel paws are very spikey.


Well, we now know that putting a harness on Sundance is useless! Poor guy--he's doomed to stay inside!


Yes, Trubble would be perfect for him! :):) The tuna was very good, and Upsie and Sundance looked very contented.

Butta Buns,

Thank you--Upsie hates to look rumpled!


Upsie is so not happy with diet portions! And Sundance does have a very pretty coat. I'm so glad that Kamikaze is feeling better!

Joy T,

Poor Sundance is very much a hyperactive teen right now!


Yes, Sundance did get some tuna. But, he wants to go outside and get lost! He's like Paris Hilton.


I didn't think that cats could slip out of a harness. Isn't that why we buy them--so they don't do that? I admit that I do kiss my squirrels on the head. I wouldn't be able to do that in a couple months!

Amar and Luna,

Thank you--tuna is always a hit here!


I've thought of those pet strollers. I'm interested in learning how it goes with Boots and Tess the first time! Congrats on getting the Thesis done!


I go crazy for that tuna too!!!! :):)

Bonnie from Virginia

Thank you for making the tuna cake with the candle in honor of WCB's 100th birthday. I love the pictures of both cats and the squirrel. Too bad for Sundance with the harness thing.

Bonnie from Virginia

Thank you for making the tuna cake with the candle in honor of WCB's 100th birthday. I love the pictures of both cats and the squirrel. Too bad for Sundance with the harness thing.


Awww, Upsie and Sundance get to eat yummy tuna! I better not show mine the tuna cake or else they'll meow the whole house down for the same treatment.


Upsie, I'm so impressed you got the ITALIAN tuna. You are a very special girl. While that Sundance is very naughty, indeed.


Hmm... I've missed a lot apparently. I better look up to see why you have squirrel babies happening.

I have, in the last couple of weeks, joined the ranks of animal owners who'll probably embarrass their furry kid online. I mean, I had Charlotte the hamster, before but now we have Buster, the rescued 6 month old Lab-mix

Kelly Cat

Oh man, that tuna looks so gooood!

Way to go, Sundance, aka the Cat They Couldn't Harness. Cats are *supposed* to be tough to confine.


Your own tuna! I'm so green with envy


Aren't you precious?? I hope you enjoyed your tuna! :)


whoa, hold up there, sher, upsie & sunshine!

it's a long trip cross country but the thought of a cod liver oil margarita kept me putting one sore little pussyfoot in front of the other. i'd even settle for a little tuna juice.

thanks for stopping by, and sorry i slept through the visit.

i bet the cod liver oil would help me stay awake!


What a kisser on your cat, Sher. Not just the obvious beauty, but the "look." She is none too happy that another 100 weeks have gone by, and you've pushed this candle in her gorgeous face to remind her.

I happen to like the shagged-out, beastie fur, but I know it'll be hell to pay when comb-thru time comes - for the groomer AND the princess.

Regards to your other critters. : }


How did I miss WCB last week? Upsie, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your cake. It's a FT job keeping tabs on Sundance and those squirrels, isn't it?


Did Sundance get the tuna before or after his little escapade? lol! That little whipper-snapper.

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