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May 11, 2007



Awww.. that was pretty nice of you to buy your mom that ymmuy cheese, Upsie. And very sweet of her to let you and Sundance have a go at it. And chicken too!


I'm late but that's old news! Here's Puddy's contribution to WCB. On Mother's Day, when she's supposed to be snuggling me, she's stalking me from under the van, waiting till I get close enough to pounce on! Our post is here:
Thankyou for hosting and I look forward to the round-up! :)


Ha ha that was a good post Sher :)
So you have two of them ?


Easy Like Mumday's Day Morning - happy mother's day all!



mmmmmmm....I like cheeeeese. That looks fabulous with its creamy goodness spilling out. Sigh. What to have for breakfast? Wish it were that.


I totally read that fava bean thing wrong - I thought you picked out most of the chicken, and then gave the stew (with all the veggies) to the kitties! I wondered, "Doesn't Sher realize that cats usually prefer the chicken to the favas?" Good thing it only took me 2 days to figure out what you meant. I'm smart.


Oh, that cheese is beautiful! Our cats have very little interest in our food, unless I'm photographing it. Then Sasha has to get his nose in to check it out.

Thanks for hosting WCB! My link is in your trackbacks.


We have a very late WCB entry here: http://books4israel.blogspot.com/2007/05/we-love-our-donors.html

Molly is putting the drool of approval on a (toy) rat.


We gave our mum lots of peace this weekend! until we refused to pose for her. Such lovely kitties to take care of their mummy - the cheese looks gooooood.


Hi Sher!
My still-sneaky departed kitty has sent us a message from the Happy Hunting Ground. Purrfect timing too, as I've put together a nice little portfolio of her final photo shoot. I hope we're not too late to join in!

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