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May 11, 2007



Awww, we can understand your mommy, this cheese must smell wonderful. We'd love to have a bite!
Your mommy is very good to you if she shares all the chicken of her own food. You should go and give your mom an extra hug for this!


Deborah Dowd

Some of us would rather have the cheese than to make out with George Clooney! (For myself, it's a toss up!)


Claudius would like to be included in the Weekend Cat Blogging. Here's a link:



Butta Buns

Dang, I need to go out and get a cat so somebody can give me luxorious Clooney substitute cheeses!


Uh....I would take the cheese, not George. Go ahead and call me crazy. But sub in some other actors name.....say Rob Morrow and the cheese would be history.

I will get a linky to you Saturday.


Oh, that cheese looks really good. I will definitely have to see if China Cat & Willow would get me that for Mother's Day! Sammawow was tagged with a meme of 7 Random Facts and you have now been tagged. If Upsie and Sundance would like to play, the rules are over at my blog.


I love what you do with Upsie and Sundance!
I would love that cheese! Happy Mother's Day!


Hey Upsie and Sundance -- you didn't actually eat that stew with most of the chicken picked out, did you??? If so, you're definitely California cats!


I thought my cat was the only one that did that wierd funky smell face and the trance. Sounds like she has a partner in that!!


My cat Simon is crazy for cheese. The minute we open it he is asking for it..and it doesn't matter what kind it is. Sometimes when I head for the frig, he follows along and when I open the door he scratches at the cheese drawer. Did I mention that he is a big cat?

I want some of that "jazz cheese".

Diva Kitty

DKM walks by that place twice a day and has NEVER gotten me a treat like that!


I think stinky cheese would offend my delicate palate, but I'm glad that your mother seems to like it. I have just written the first WCB for my mother - silly human that she is. I am so honored to represent beautiful calicos everywhere!


Here's Kamikaze! http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/05/wcb-101-meme.html Thanks for hosting, my friend!


I think those 2 cats are lucky getting to even just smell the cheese. I could have reached right in myself and taken a big bite! Oh, how I want some rind and oooozy cheesy goodness!


Oh but that cheese looks lovely! Thanks for hosting WCB this weekend. Here's my link:


Amar and Luna

Mmmm, cheese!
Well, we're a bit early this week, too. But between mothers day and our thoughts for our kitty and human friends, here we are.



Astrid, Kashim & Othello,

That cheese did smell good. It wasn't stinky--just a little funky! And very buttery tasting. Yum!


I think eating cheese with George might be nice. :):)


It's a done deal! Claudie is a doll!

Butta Buns,

You will have to get your cat a credit card--then he/she can order it for you!


Rob Morrow is very nice. I still love him from Northern Exposure. :)


Loved reading your meme! Hope you get a nice gift from the kitties on Mother's Day!


I think you would like this cheese very much. It has a fabulous flavor--very buttery.


Oh, Upsie and Sundance think fava beans are silly. So, I gave them the chicken and I ate the favas! YUM!

May 11,

Yes, love that funny face they make!


Please get yourself some of the cheese. You and your kitty will be in heaven! It really is a fabulous cheese--from happy cows!

Diva Kitty,

No! How unfair!


It wasn't very stinky--so you might like it. It actually was pretty mild smelling, compared to some stinky cheeses! :):) I love calicos!


Ah yes! I love the rind too. My husband won't eat it, so I get it all for myself! Yumm!


Thanks for the link! Look for the Roundup on Sunday!

Amar & Luna,

It wouldn't be a proper WCB without you! :):)


It's about time I stopped in to thank you for your blog. I love your recipes, pictures, writing...and I try something new at your suggestion about once a week. Last Saturday was my mom's 65th birthday - she's a big Elvis fan - and I made your "Hunk of Burning Love Cupcakes." They were the hit of the party. Thanks so much!


Here's my link as promised



I put my link under my name, but just in case.... I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of the opportunity to gaze at my loveliness... http://luckyandcharmed.wordpress.com/


That cheese looks awesome! What a great Mom you are.


Great pictures. Cheese is one of the few human foods that I find tempting. (The other one is tuna, of course.) Here's my entry for this week:



Don't know if it's of any interest, and you probably already know this, but that sniffy thing cats do? Is called flehmen. It has its own name! Here's a site with some info:

And that Cowgirl Creamery is just a hop skip and a jump from where I live, and boy do I love their cheese.

Pia K

Here's this week's pawprints from us

Thanks for hosting & I'm impressed with the cheezy thoughtfulness for Mother's Day:)


So Upsie and Sundance are cheeseheads! What a surprise! They and the cheeses look wonderful. I'll have to check that Vermont stuff out...I love that they play music for the animals.


Hi, I'm back for WCB #101 with China Cat & Willow enjoying their new catnip plant. Here's the link:


P.S. Thanks so much for hosting this week!


i'll be there too, save some cheese for me!



Oooohhh, those cheeses look delicious! I'm sure that this runny baby has an awesome taste... By the way how does it taste?
Uspsie and Sundance seem to be interested by it's (strong?) smell!

Thanks for hosting this weekend's event, Sher!

If you want to see Fridolin when he sleeps in his basket or on his back, then here's the link:


As a bonus, you'll even find a video of them both...

Have a nice Sunday!




Thanks you for hosting WCB and I can't wait to see all the kitties tomorrow! Please include my WCB 101 entry


Mmmm, cheese! I did that little opened-mouth "Flehman response" myself just by looking at it! (No, I'm not that smart, I just Googled it and was pleased to see it actually has a name!)

Here's my link, hope I'm not too late!


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