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May 06, 2007



I used to work with a man whose wife would make tamales like this, and every once in a while he would bring us some. Just heavenly. The rice sounds great too.


YUM! That looks fabulous. We make tamales often and serve with a green rice similar you to yours!


the green rice looks delish Sher and the tamales- sigh...


Oh man that looks wonderful!! I heart Mexican food with a burning searing passion.. your tamales look perfect and that rice is gorgeous!


Sher, this looks perfect! I know I can go for at least 2 portions *wink*


This looks so great, Sher! I've started adding a combination of brown and wild rice to my diet and the addition of lots of herbs sound delightful. Thanks!


I love all these great Cinco de Mayo recipes. These look great.


Never tried a Tamale before should give it a try maybe.
Rice with all those herbs is sure yumm

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Mmm, I just love spinach with raisins and pinenuts. Yours looks so fresh and delicious. And I smiled in agreement about the shrinking. I typically buy an enormous head of it at the farmers' market each it and am lucky if I get two meals out of it once it's cooked. ;)


Looks delicioso! I want a tamale, now. And the rice. Yum.

Tomorrow or the next day I'll post about my belated Cinco de Mayo thing, and I'm linking to your refried beans post, fyi.


That sounds like a wonderful green thumb with rice! Beautiful and looks and sounds really tasty!



I keep planning on making a pile of tamales and freezing them--but I never do.


Oh how wonderful!!! I really admire anyone who makes tamales. I think there is a lot of love wrapped up in them.


Thank you--I could go for some green rice right now! :)


Yes, I heart Mexican food with a hot burning passion too!


I've set aside 2 portions for you!


I love brown rice and wild rice together. I really like the Lundberg brown rice that they grow near here. It's fabulous.


I look forward the Cinco De Mayo because of the recipes--and the fun!


I think you would like a tamale very much. Hope you find a good one! :)


Yes, I never get as big a bowl of it as I want! I like leftovers-but I could also just sit and eat a big bowl of it for my meal!


Great! I know you will have prepared a fabulous meal!


Thank you! The rice was very gardeny! :)


The tamale recipe looks delicious and the rice with herb is deinitely gonna be flavour-full


I've never had a tamale.

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