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May 31, 2007



Okay, you've done it now. My icetea just came through my nose from laughing so hard about the 'Elaine' comment. That was a great TV moment. Your recipe looks very delicious--a must try for the weekend.


Chicken, lemon and mint -- wow! I'll try this sauce on some of my favorite twisty pasta shapes (I'm partial to cavatappi...).


Great post - I too have hoard things when I find them like both you and Elaine.

Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. Check back for the roundup in a bit.


Great dish, Sher. I totally agree with the freshly ground chicken thighs, so moist and flavorful. I like twisty pasta, too, but am rather partial to "Fusilli Jerry." ; )


That dish sounds and looks wonderful! I could do with such a comforting recipe now, because the weather here is awful (cold and rainy)...


P.S. You have been tagged!
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Oh man! Sher, you really do whip up a mean pasta dish! I always liked tomato-ey pasta sauces, what's more paired with chicken this time =)


I love gemilli as well, but I have a hard time finding it. It seems like the stores around where I live only go for the basic pasta shapes. I grab up anything exciting whenever I can! This is going on my "to try" list!


That photo is so good I can actually taste it! Love the sage leaves.
When we lived in Andorra the shopping was so strange everyone hoarded - made inventory control a nightmare. Something would be unavailabe for a year, then appear and be gone in a day. Then reappear and sit on the shelf for 2 years because everyone had a stash..


There are some damn selfish people in the world, aren't there? I swear someone around here keeps hoarding all the breaded calamari because there's been none in the store for weeks!

You know, some people I've spoken to think mixing chicken and pasta is 'wrong'. Weirdos! I think this looks great!


Oh I remember that episode with The Sponge- too funny. This looks so good that even while I sit here just having eaten my supper, I am sure that I could eat a large bowl of this (sigh).


Yum! Yum! Love the gemilli here too. It's my second favorite, after gnocchi. This looks delish too, btw.


I just went through your last three posts. Your tummy seems to be better, am I right ? Did it enjoy Presto pasta night ?


haha, mmmmmmmmm, and what a gorgeous photo!


HA! One of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld and it's from that episode that I adapted my "drool-worthy" rating. tee!

Oh and yeah.. this pasta & chicken is majorly drool-worthy. I'd be hoarding too.




I am so bummed they don't carry gemelli Barilla pasta in any stores near me!


OH, I'm groaning. I had a package of chicken thighs, from our local guy, even -- why oh why did I not make this pasta? I've been reading The Food of Love, a wonderful novel set in Rome, and I'm just craving pasta. Well -- the grilled thighs were good, but this would have been just the ticket. Must get more chicken next week and try it. I love gemelli, too. So dense and chewy and satisfying.

Gorgeous photos, mouth is watering...

Palm Springs Savant

You've totally made me hungry!!! nice blog btw. stop by and say hi sometime. I talk about food too! www.rickrockhill.blogspot.com


Your pasta nights are one of my favorite features of your blog. You sure know how to do great pasta!

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