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May 09, 2007



I totally feel for you being transfixed at pasta aisle! Please don't laugh at me, I would value a certain shapes of pasta as much as new-arrival or limited-edition of handbag :) :) Many years back bucatini (like a straw shape spaghetti) wasn't popular but I fond of it so much, I search at catalogue and looked for it at dozens stores... And this gemelli is one of my favorite! The sauce/ flavored oil just clings on it, love it!


As an Italian girl, I grew up inhaling macaroni (in my family, we've never called it "pasta"), so I'm familiar with a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. My all-time favorite, though, has got to be my great aunt's homemade gnocchi. Yum. But I do like gemelli as well. This dish looks delicious!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

That's funny, we never called it pasta either, it was spaghetti (which until I was about 16 was the only shape I'd ever seen!)


I'd have to switch to Dreamfields pasta, but this is something I'd love to have for dinner!


Such lovely dishes, I am blown away by the yummy culinary creations. It's funny, I always call it pasta, not spaghetti. Also, Happy 100th WCB.

Byunghoon Kim

In fact, I also never know about pasta until 21.
Nowadays, I like eat pasta very much and I want to cook pasta by myself! :)

Butta Buns

Love the story about about you and Bob getting married and your first 'legal' meal! I'm all for no fuss elopements.


I love seeing all the spinach recipes! The pasta looks good to...When I get back my spinach should be ready to thin - meaning I'll have lots of baby spinach. I wonder if the grape tomatoes will be ready? Hmmmm


I love your recipes. I am sending a sheaf of them to my mom for mother's day - my parents are not vegetarians, and I'm sure they would love those I am sending. The recipes I'm sending focus on your seafood and occasionally poultry dishes, and always on your veggie dishes.

Thank you for such a beautiful site, and thank you for the recipes I will be sending to my mom. Your photography continues to be mouth-watering!


When I first traveled to Italy, we thought all pasta was the same and my instructor (an ex-pat) told us that each shape in fact tasted different. Years later, I see that he was correct!


I remember moscacholli on Italian menus in St Louis back in the 60's & 70's! Yep that far back. But like you I haven't seen it in years. Love the sausage and spinach together!


That is one gorgeous looking pasta dish!


I love that curly shaped pasta you cooked with! I also have a stash of the chef (boyardee) in my pantry. *grin*


I do the same thing on pasta aisles. I thought it was only me. I also very much get into my pasta shape selection at any Italian restaurant. It has to be the perfect shape with the perfect toppings and sauce for my mood. My husband thinks i'm nuts but I think you guys would understand.


Great story, great dish. I love all types of pasta. Like you, growing up there were limited options: spaghetti, lasagna and farfalle. Although I didn't call it that until I was an adult. It was bow ties and served with kasha as a side dish for brisket. Very delicious, but not really thought of as pasta in my house.

Thanks for another great Presto Pasta Night dish!


What an unusual new shape! Just when you think you've seen them all, along comes another one!
By the way, what is sweet sausage?


Ooh I LOVE gemelli. I love fat roly poly pastas. Sometimes I'll eat them with a little bit of sauce alone. This looks so delicious- my poor family is waning on cereal, sandwiches and eggs this week due to my sickness. (hey I didn't want to breathe in their food!)

Sue (coffeepot)

Doesn't "pasta" sound exotic?

I love the way the word rolls off the tounge...pasta.

This looks wonderful.


When I was growing up it was spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna or the catch-all noodles. When we lived in St. Louis 10 years ago, every wedding or group picnic featured (what I thought was spelled)mostacholli- but I agree with you all, you don't see it on menus, just at catered events, or pot lucks.

Darn, now I am hungry...

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