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May 03, 2007



Mmmm, simple pasta dish with carrots! Very nice, Sher. I think I'll try this with the bulk dry mini-raviolis I just bought on a whim at the store.


I don't think I could have attempted any Martha recipe so soon after the chocolate crepe!
I love the carrots in this and I sure it tasted wonderful.


A girl after my own heart...although I'm always tempted by doing things from scratch, when it comes to making my own pasta, I pass.

That said, the Jamie Oliver pasta maker looks easy and fun, so perhaps.....

Thanks for being such a great part of Presto Pasta Nights.


Lovely dish, Sher! you tempt me to hunt down the new edition of Martha Stewart Living... It is not readily available here but let me have a look around :)


Beautiful! I can't imagine making farfalle from scratch.


I'm a sucker for anything with fresh dill. Toss in pasta (which I'm also a sucker for) and it's a winner! I really need to go back over that issue of Martha, all those recipes looked so good. Happy Friday, Sher!


Oooooooh, that's lovely!


I love your recipe and the photos are top notch! Saving this one.


I like the idea of slivered carrots - they add such a nice sweetness - and color. Nice to see dill in something without fish..


Wow, this dish looks fantastic! I love the idea of having dill mixed in there...


Sher, that's a delicious looking pasta. The carrot strips remind me of something called carrot noodles in a restaurant where I live - there is at least one strip for every two folds of noodle and it tastes mild and really nice.


That looks luscious. Really gorgeous photos, mouth-watering. Maybe I'll try this with the frozen cheese tortellini I have on hand . . .

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