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May 07, 2007



I think the meal sounds fabulous and like the recommendation of a little yogurt/raita. It's neat that Nancy tries everything, she's the royal tester!


Sher, I really need to visit you for a cooking course! This is wonderful...

And your recipes are always wonderful. I have tried quite a bit, and we (my flatmate and I) love them!


I am really craving salmon nowadays, so we are actually going to take a gander at a salmon and pesto mayo recipe I found. I'll definitely post how it comes out. I've never cooked real fish before!


Sher, There is nothing I've seen on your blog that I wouldn't cook, eat and thoroughly enjoy! You're one of my favorite home chefs.


I agree with Christine, I would absolutely cook or eat everything you've ever made. This sounds great. Love pine nuts with spinach for some reason; do you think it's the little crunch?


Dill is my all time favorite herb. I love it in soup, salad, salad dressing, anything! This dinner looks wonderful.


oh man, and that looks like one heck of a piece of salmon, all that deliciouas marbling! this looks fantastic, all but the raisins since they always land up my nose...


Can Kamikaze and I come live at your house? Please?


Looks like the perfect supper dish fo rSPring!



I've told Nancy that her official name is now the Royal Tester, and I think she's quite happy about that! :)


Truly, there's not much I could teach you! You are a fabulous cook, and I learn wonderful things from you all the time! :) Thank you--glad you like the recipes!


I'm looking forward to hearing how you like making salmon. I think you'll be very happy with how good freshly cooked salmon tastes.


Aww--I feel the same about you. Thank you so much!


You are all making me feel so good! That's so encouraging from someone as good as you! And yes, I think pine nuts have a very distinctive crunch.


Thank you--I had so much dill to use up, I really fell in love with it this last week.


Yes--it was a fabulous piece of salmon. I don't want to think about your pretty nose full of raisins!


Well, yes! That would be a lot of fun. I've always said you would be great to hang out with. :)


Oh yes, it was. And fast--which is attractive to me right now!


Wow! I followed the "Pasta Trail" and made a salmon/sinach pasta just tonight that my entire family loved! Thanks for the great tips.

Ari (Baking and Books)

My husband is always surprised by how much spinach reduces. He'll be like, "are you sure you need that much?" then I'll cook it and voila, the perfect amount.


I love spinach, and I love salmon! Great combo. I really like bitter greens too. I never thought of adding raisins, that is an interesting idea, but I am not too sure if I am brave enough to try raisins. I will have to keep thinking about the raisins though. Here in the south, it is bitter greens and smoked pork all the way, and we don't know how to deviate much.


You're right. I think the thing that makes this so appealing is all of the factors blending together: the colors, the smells, the taste combo...it all works. Great recipe.

Patricia Scarpin

What a joy would be to have dinner at your house, Sher! :)


Oooohhhh, salmon, spinach and pine nuts! What a wonderful association!
I'd love to eat at you place, because your food always looks tasty, healthy and delicious...


Hey Sher --

This reminds me of my very favorite kale recipe that I think you'd like... Blanch and then chop a bunch of kale...

Saute a Tbs or two of minced garlic in good olive oil... Add the kale, a handful of raisins, handful of walnuts, lots of fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, and then at the end, crumbled feta cheese, just until it starts to soften from the heat of the stove. Sooooo good!



with sauce or not, I know I'll be 110% satifactory with this meal... really marvelous!


That's the best sounding recipe for spinach with raisins and pine nuts. pinach and salmon is always a great combo, but this is even better. Yum.


I really, really love spinach, and have to say, it wouldn't be unreasonable that I could have at close to 2 pounds of spinach by myself! That would be on a running night, though.

Like the salmon direction you've been going in. I got away from it for awhile after one too many bad and tasteless salmon experiences. Recently, I've had some really nice ones. Love your recipes!


I just don't think you can ever lose with spinach! I love it's taste, looks and health ratio! Ditto for salmon! But dill has and I think always will escape me.
Gorgeous photos! even with the dill.



Thanks for those suggestions. I love kale--and the additions you use are fabulous! Yumm--feta and kale. Will try that!


I know. I think I would need around 5 pounds to get enough for my husband and me. Yes--we adore cooked spinach.


Oh, I was born and raised in the South, so I love smoked pork in my greens too! We never put raisins in greens there! Horrors! :):) Actually, I would never do that to turnips or collards. Spinach--OK.


Thank you!


I agree, spinach and salmon--made for each other!


Thank you--it was a very clean, meal, I think. Good flavors and not fatty.


Thank you! I feel the same about you!


Well, let me know when you can come! :):) I'll set a place for you in the place of honor!


Oh no!! Tasteless salmon! That's not good at all, especially since it's so expensive! Glad you're back having it.


Have you ever had the thick, crinkled spinach? It's so good, but I rarely get it, unless I grow it myself. It has a fabulous flavor and texture.


That looks so good! I love sausage and pasta :)


Hello Sher,
The spinach with raisins and pinenuts was delicious. We ate it with a rump roast which was just simply roasted with seasalt and pepper rub. Please keep posting. My family is enjoying this new found variety.


Hello Sher,
The spinach with raisins and pinenuts was delicious. We ate it with a rump roast which was just simply roasted with seasalt and pepper rub. Please keep posting. My family is enjoying this new found variety.


Oh I love the spinach with the raisins and pine nuts. Our neighbor used to make it all the time. It was the only way I would eat it as a kid.


Fabulous looking dish there.....the flavors just seem to jump off the screen! I might have to do this next time we eat salmon.

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