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May 28, 2007



Hope you solve the stomach bug mystery and feel better in plenty of time to enjoy those beautiful tomatoes. I'm sending good energy in your direction...


I hope you get to feeling yourself again soon. Selfishly, I can't wait to see what you make with your tomatoes. :-)


Oh dear. I noticed you had been kind of quiet, and I was hoping you were off somewhere having fun. Sorry to her about it. I once took some kind of cholesterol drug (which I can't remember for the life of me what it was, but it might have been Crestor) that gave me horrible stomache aches, so I bet you're right that the drug is what's causing it. I hope it's not something harder to get fixed! Very, very jealous of the tomatoes, especially the San Marzanos.


Not to worry, Sher! Hope you're feeling better!


Hi Sher - I hope you're feeling better soon! Take care!


So sorry about your stomach beast. Yuck! Not fun but do be sure and call your doc tomorrow, okay? I know. I know. I'm always playing mommy about these things but it worries me.

Your tomatoes are to die for! I'm so jealous. I haven't had time this year to do anything but put together a baby pot of herbs. Whine whine. Your garden always looks beautiful.


Wow..you have tomatoes that big already? I am way impressed! Any secrets you'd like to share?

Hope you get to feeling better very soon.


Well now, I'm flummoxed. Did I spell that right? I'm supposed to be able to grow Early Girl up here and can't. And yet you have them almost sliced and on a sandwich already. I really need to get a greenhouse!

I hope your tummy feels better soon, Sher. I'm thinking about you! :)


Where is my whisk? I'll whisk that beast away. Seriously though, hope you feel better soon - and with new energy for the next challenge!


I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Never fear, another challenge will soon be here and we can look forward to seeing your lovely results then. Speaking of lovely results, your tomatoes are amazing!


Sorry to hear about your tummy beast. I hope the doctor sorts you out and feel better soon.

The tomatoes are looking great!


Sher, hope you get well soon. Get lots of rest ya?


Don't worry about the challenge - just set your focus on getting better! I hope the 'beast' can be tamed soon!


Oh Sher, I'm sorry to hear this, I WAS wondering what happened to you. Take care!


I hope you feel better soon and conquer that beast! Cause I want to see how you do on next month's challenge! :-)


ohhhno, expel the evil beaat!! i hope your feeling better soon and can have a toamato sandwich. your tomato plants are divine!


Here's to getting you on the mend. Hopefully it'll be over soon and you'll be frying green tomatoes very shortly.


Eeek! I hope the beasty goes away soon! =(

I kept clickin'.. at one point I thought maybe you were driving your gateau to the ER, in taking your own advice this challenge..

Well I'm sad to hear you are sick.

I am also quite happy at the sight of your tomatoes! I can't wait for ours to start blooming. =)

Feel better, sweetie!

Joy T.

Aww sorry to hear you're stomach isn't doing well. Hope you're feeling well again soon. Hugs!


You have plenty of other challenges to look forward to!
More important is sorting out your stomach and feeling back to full speed again!
Hopefully the gardening is relaxing for you!


Yes, feel better.


Oh Sher, I hope you'll be better soon! Your summer garden is looking good.


Nice tomato plants!

I hope that you'll soon feel better and that your stomach problem will be solved!


I hope that stomach beast dies a quick death, Sher. Feel better soon!


Hey Sher, my stomach hurt just feeling for you. I hope you feel better soon and just surprise us one day with a gateau!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, I hope you're feeling better, sweetie!


I hope you feel better soon!

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