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May 02, 2007



Oh, what a shame.It does have lovely ingredients. I might give it a go as I a)love stir fries;b) love ginger and all the other ingredients. Perhaps if you reduce the amount of cornstarch next time - just a guess..When i make it I might be able to give a more educated guess.thanks for sharing despite you not enjoying it.; o )


few dashs of wine? and a pinch of chicken powder? but by reading the seasoning list and your photo, it does look very good! My husband would like to top with fried noodles =)


I know that feeling - when a recipe that looks lovely just doesn't bind, somehow. There have been times when I've been able to revive such a recipe with a bit of this or that, but more often it just needs to be let go because it just doesn't have It, whatever that It is. It is pretty, though!

How do you feel about arrowroot as a thickener versus corn starch?

Also - one of my classmates revealed last night that she has a "pet squirrel." Although I was charmed by her cellphone photos, I was somewhat alarmed by her declaration. The good thing is that she and her roommate/boyfriend (not sure which) are letting the little critter free, so hopefully it will stay that way. I didn't have the time to get into my wildlife speech, though. People are kinda frustrating sometimes.


Gosh, it looks great and the asparagus looks so fresh and spring like. Must be a missed the flavor dish. I have days when even thing I know I love just don't pick me up.


That does look good, but looking at the ingredients it does seem a little bland to me. Sounds like you just needed it to be zippier -- I would have had the same problem I think.


Perhaps the levels of the seasonings are a little too low for the quantity of chicken and asparagus. I agree about the dark meat; it's moister with more flavor. It's a shame when this happens. Even with an "easy" recipe, you still invest in effort, ingredients and anticipation. Looks good and nourishing, though.


Sometimes a day in the fridge helps too, you know? I won't even bother to eat a piece of my mother's lasagne on the first night, but a day or two later, it's heavenly.


I am hopelessly addicted to chili paste with garlic, and I tend to throw a bit into every stir fry recipe. But we all have those days when we cook something we feel is uninspired, only to find out that the rest of the family thinks it's great!


This looks and reads good Sher... I too don't like breast meat much.
Since I find chicken (other than the cornish) usually bland, I marinade the pieces in a little vinegar, garlic and chilli paste for half an hour and then use them


nonono, it looks wonderful! a shake of soy and some hotsauce...SLURP! sounds perfect...


Ooh this sounds divine. I do like white meat the most, I have to admit. You keep bringing out so many wonderful recipes and hopefully I'll be able to try them all! :) (I promise a review/pics!)


It's beautiful and looks so healthy. Love recipes you feel better about eating because they're so darn pretty.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, so much I've missed from here!! Such wonderful recipes, sweetie!

I love this - asparagus are one of my favorite veggies and paired with chicken it becomes perfect!

Teresa F.

Seasoning the chicken before cooking is key. Barbara Tropp (Art of Modern Chinese Cooking) recommends a brief marinade of egg white, Chinese rice wine, salt, and cornstarch. My mother marinades chicken with a touch of oil, salt, and arrowroot starch. Either would give the finished chicken flavor. The cornstarch (and egg white) gives the meat a silky texture. Also try black bean sauce (out of a jar works) with asparagus. It's divine!

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