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May 23, 2007



Those are too darn cute!
I admire your restraint, there probably wouldn't be any muffins left to freeze for company.


the cherry muffin is too beautiful. I'm going to try it as soon as fresh cherries are available here. Also loved the beautiful neighbor exchange... fresh cherries and strawberries. I want you as my neighbor :)


Those are just gorgeous! I'm so jealous you have a cherry tree. I did break down and buy some this weekend but it's hard when they're upwards of $8 a pound around here.


Very nice - haven't seen cherries here yet but now I've got to find a bunch for muffins. These are really gorgeous!


Oh these are lovely and probably taste even better since they come from your garden!


So many recipes call for sour cherries, but I don't know anyone who grows those. So nice to see an easy recipe using the type of cherry we can easily find!


This looks so good that i cant bear to eat..haha cherries are my favourite but cost a bomb in malaysia


Those look like great muffins. What a wonderful surprise to bite into a muffin and to find a yummy cherry!


Sher, you make me want to sit at your counter and taste test everything you cook. Every day. That's it. I'm moving in. Don't tell the hubbies but Upsie will be secretly thrilled.


Oh, Sher! I'm so jealous. Cherries are my absolute favourite. I love your little muffins!


They look insanely yummy. I've been searching for a simple muffin recipe with a little less oil. PERFECT! =)


I've never made cherry muffins. I wonder if they would work with our sour cherries? I have to find a use for them...
Our cherries our not ready, yet, another week....


I love the crumb topping. It's my favorite thing on top of muffins or even on top of pie instead of a second crust. Your fresh cherries surely made a delicious muffin.


These muffins look so beautiful with their bright red centers! I'll bet they would be delicious with peaches, too.

Yellow House Cook

Those look awesome. I may have to splurge on some import cherries to make them.


Beautiful pics!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, my dear, these are just superb - my sister is now addicted to making muffins and I'm sending her the link immediately - I bet it won't take 30 seconds for her to call me, begging for the translation. ;)


I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for some cherries at the farmer's market in the coming weeks! These look mighty tasty.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I just posted on cherries too! I love these muffins, Sher! They are precious, and would be perfect for a brunch. Thanks for the idea.


These look so good. I'm not a big fan of berry muffins for the "leaky" reasons you described, but these sound like they would be just perfect.

Kelly Cat's favorite human

The recipe alone would have been great. The description was even better. And the photos were the topper. I will make these soon.


Thanks for the recipe. I had a surpluss of fresh, sweet cherries, and stumbled across your blog (love it!). The muffins are in the oven right now and look and smell delicious. Can't wait to try one!!


YYUUMM!! I also added almonds and strawberries.


Hi, I tested this recipe and the muffins are DELICIOUS, I loved it, great recipe.:)



Really great recipe! I did a google search for a cherry muffin recipe and I am so very glad I opted for yours. The muffins were absolutely delicious and everyone especially loved the crumble topping.


Yummy recipe! We had a ton of fresh cherries that we weren't eating fast enough, and after I pitted them this morning my six year old said, "These would be REALLY good in a muffin with a crumbly top!" I did a quick google search and what do you know, your recipe came up. There are only three left and a mini loaf pan, but it is only lunch time. :)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yummy Recipe. This looks delightful. I appreciated you this is one of the best Muffins Recipe.

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